Sunday, February 07, 2010  
Spencer Region = enemy.
How quickly a kid can go from the next big thing to enemy #1, right?

Here's the run down from what I am hearing. Maybe this will make more sense to those of you that are going "what the hell? he's been a bama fan his whole life and then changed his mind at the last minute?"

During Coach Saban's signing day press conference to discuss the incoming class, he started talking about the word "commitment" and what it means. Here's the text from the story.

"Much of this class had been locked up for months. But Saban knew nothing could be taken for granted.

“When a guy commits early to us, to me then we just become the target,” Saban said. “Every other school keeps recruiting them and they know the kid wants to come to Alabama, so now they’re bashing Alabama every day. ...

“You have to keep recruiting them and sort of manage them. I’m old fashioned. I think a commitment is a commitment ... I would rather you go visit other schools until you’re sure that this is what you want to do rather than making a commitment and then not feeling comfortable and wanting to go explore other opportunities

He has stated before that he has a "you shop, we shop" way of doing things. If he commits, but he's still out there being recruited, then the coaches will go out and try to find somebody else that really wants to be here.

Spencer Region enjoys the spotlight, it appears. He called a press conference earlier in the week, then they decided to not do it, and then he called it back on again a couple of days later. Go read Andrew Bone's twitter to see exactly when it was.

If anyone can explain to me why a junior in high school, especially an offensive lineman, has to call a press conference in February, the year before he signs, to announce his commitment, I would really appreciate the insight. Because to me, it makes him sound like a fame hungry kid, which is something I, personally, don't want.

So, if you read Saban's comments on Wednesday, and then listen to what Spencer Region had to say in this story, it becomes a little more clear.

"I feel like they really care about me at Auburn … feel like they have my best interest at heart. It’s family down there. They love me. I love them. Me and my family are really excited about this decision ..."

Region had privately committed to Alabama before arriving at Cummings Sporting Goods. But at approximately 10:30 a.m., his decision had changed.

While Region wouldn’t go into specifics about why he changed his mind, he did say he felt more comfortable with the Tigers.

“I didn’t feel at home (at Alabama),” he said. “I didn’t feel they had the best interest for me. I didn’t feel like it was my family, and football isn’t anything without family.

I’m still going to take my official visits at Ole Miss and Florida State later this year, and Coach (Gene) Chizik said he’s fine with that as long as I stay committed to Auburn

Saban didn't want to have to babysit this kid. He said if you're going to commit to me, then you're done shopping. Region didn't want to not be able to take his visits.

And he had already called a press conference.

So what do you do if you can't commit to Coach Saban right now because you're not agreeing on something, but you've already called a press conference and have a lot of media and community coming out to hear what you have to say?

Hell, let's just commit to Auburn. They'll let me go do whatever the hell I want. Because "it's family" and "they have my best intentions in mind." Riiiiight.

If Saban's class doesn't fill up before Region's visits are done, then we'll still probably see him wearing Crimson. However, Saban has been stated as saying that the class is already about 80% locked up and that it's probably the best class that he's ever recruited - so for any prospective recruits out there...if you get an invitation to the club, you may not wanna pass it up. Cause the Tide will win, with or without you. Haha.

Comments: Wow, do you really believe what you are writting? War Eagle Turd!
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