Tuesday, September 22, 2009  
3-0 and rollin...
Well, I ventured to Tuscaloosa this past Saturday, and I've gotta admit, it was pretty incredible. I sat in the new upper deck and watched one helluva beatdown. Can't really remember the last time we completely and totally dominated an opponent that badly.

My dad, of course, told me he used to watch it all the time back when Bear was coaching, but that the beatdowns were of teams like Ole Miss, LSU, and Tennessee. I would imagine that would be a lot more fun to watch than just destroying a team like North Texas.

Sitting in that endzone, I was able to see plays develop. I watched holes open up for the running backs, saw pass plays develop, watched players beat their opponent into the ground. It was quite a spectacle. Even in the late quarters, our 2nd and 3rd teamers were able to physically dominate the opposition. It's such a beautiful thing to watch.

This week starts SEC play. I've gone back and watched the Arkansas - Georgia game (thanks to SECDigitalNetwork.com) and I'm not so scared of Arkansas anymore. That game was a big one for them and they got steamrolled by better athletes. Georgia's defense is atrocious, and Arkansas's is even worse. I've got a good feeling about Saturday, especially since it's supposed to rain pretty much all game.

Alabama moved up to #3 in the polls, which means that we control our own destiny in the National Championship hunt. 3 weeks into the season and you don't have to worry about other teams losing or anything like that. All you gotta do is just win. It's a nice feeling. Handle your business, and everything else takes care of itself.

Tennessee-Florida was a snoozer. I don't believe that Florida was really that bad. I think they just realized that UT wasn't playing to win the football game. They knew Crompton couldn't throw the football, so there was no point in going for a lot of points. But, alas, we'll see what happens. I think Georgia can hang with them for a lil while this year, but I could be WAAAY off on that.

More on that later. Adding the twitter account today.

Thursday, September 10, 2009  
I've gone back and watched the tape and here's what I'm seeing:

A team you don't wanna piss off.

There are some mean dudes on this football team that REALLY like to hit. Whether it's Rod Woodson, the freshman from Olive Branch, who was a star on kickoff-coverage Saturday, or Rolo who went batshit crazy on a lineman for VT, or Roy Upchurch who just wanted to RUN OVER Tech's DBs, everybody on the team looked ready to kill.

And man...that kinda football makes me happy.

Y'know I watched the Memphis-Ole Miss game, and when the game was 17-7 at the end of the 3rd quarter, and Memphis had a 4th-and-inches, they lined up in the shotgun formation. It was dumb. They tried to get cute because they weren't as physical as Ole Miss.

What happened to whipping the dude across from you's ass? Nick Saban knows how to play it. The best way to beat a team? Put them into submission. Pound on them until they can't take it anymore.

If you'll notice in this past Saturday's games, our initial runs were gaining between 1 and 3 yards inside the tackles. By the 4th quarter, they were dead and were sick of being beaten up on. Those 2 yard runs turned into 7 yard runs, and eventually turned into 12 yard runs. It was that easy.

Football isn't hard to figure out. Kill the guy lined up across from you every single play. Eventually he'll quit.

Monday, September 07, 2009  
Roll Tide...and I'm back.
Ok, I've been outta the loop, and outta town without a computer (but I just got a new netbook, so that won't happen anymore).

I haven't gone back and really analyzed the game just yet, but here's what I know...

Marquis Johnson should not be playing.

And the points that VaTech scored on that drive where Ro lost his cool on that play that resulted in a huge loss when they were on the goalline - that play (the personal foul calls) is on the coaches for leaving Johnson in the ballgame. He's the one that got lost on his job on the play that went for a huge gain. Rolando is the leader of the defense, and he obviously does NOT want #24 in the ballgame. He's been a liability for 3 years - somebody get him the hell outta there.

I'll have more later, but Roll Tide for the win. Haha.


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