Tuesday, October 31, 2006  
Early money, baby
Here's the deal. We're going to go ahead and put out a couple of $$$ picks this week to stock your bank roll for the weekend. We're due to have a good week, so here we go...

3 star plays:

UAB at SMU (-4.5) - TONIGHT!
--- UAB has been awful this year. SMU is actually playing good football. SMU averages 43 points per game at home, while giving up only 14. Looks like a blowout to me.
FINAL RESULT: SMU 22 UAB 9 (Gary wins 3)

West Virginia at Louisville (-1) - THURSDAY!
--- Louisville has the better defense. West Virginia's been getting by with just scoring points. But if you can't stop the other team from scoring, and you can't score, then how do you win? Louisville should just line up and push around their defensive line all night. Close game, but Louisville wins.

Monday, October 30, 2006  
Things to take from this weekend
Chris Vernon, 730 ESPN radio in Memphis, had a good interview with Rece Davis from College Football Scoreboard today. I think we're going to try and get a little sit down interview with him for the website.

Anyway, off of that topic and onto this -- Tony Romo is THE MAN. He's apparently pretty smart. You want to be a good quarterback? Throw to your best receiver. At one point in the 4th quarter last night, I noticed the stat that Owens had been thrown to 16 times and had caught 9 of them. I'm not a Cowboys fan, but I know that that team is TEN TIMES BETTER than most teams, but only if you're getting TO the football. I don't care about all his other bullshit, just give him the football. Period.

Other things to look at from this past weekend....

Coach Dennis Fran-phony has quietly led Texas A&M to an 8-1 record with a chance to win the Big XII South if he can beat Oklahoma, Nebraska, and Texas to end out the year. I'm looking at a probable 8-4 record for these guys.

Amazing how he managed to keep his job another year. It's all karma for the way he left Alabama. I'm sure Aggie fans are ecstatic with an 8-4 season losing to all of their biggest rivals and getting hammered in a lower tier bowl again. Is my hatred for this guy becoming any more obvious? Anyway, College Gameday made their way to Alabama twice while he was the head coach, and we lost both times (once to UCLA and once to Georgia). Here's hoping he can lose another one with the Gameday crew in town this weekend.

Have you ever seen more people happy about a team losing than after USC finally got beat? And the best part was that it wasn't by a really good team, like Cal or Oregon or Notre Dame. It was by Oregon St. A middle-tier Pac-10 team. Just makes me feel all fuzzy inside. Watching them lose was a really good feeling. Next week I want Tennessee and Auburn both to get beat. On last second field goals. Haha.

The USC loss does more than just destroy the Trojans' chances at a 3rd straight BCS title game - it gives the winner of the Big East title game a shot at the National Title (West Virginia vs. Louisville).

Has there been a bigger Big East game in recent memory? The last time I remember there being a HUGE Big East game, Donovon McNabb was playing QB for Syracuse against Miami, in the dome, and it was for the league title. What could be bigger than a Thursday night at Papa John's Stadium in Louisville, KY with the Mountaineers and Cardinals going at it.

I think Louisville wins this game and then gets beat by Rutgers, who in turn gets beat by West Virginia. Then everybody's screwed and the BCS leaves all of them out because the rest of the conference is a fucking joke.

If anybody remembers last year, in Steve Spurrier's first year at South Carolina, he asked the Gamecock players to "just get me to the 4th quarter and I'll outcoach him. Just get me to the 4th quarter."

Well, sadly, for all Fulmer haters, he did get to the 4th quarter with a 17-14 lead, and got swiftly kicked in the nuts. Spurrier's antics always used to piss me off, but there was nothing I enjoyed more in the 90s than watching him bitch slap Fat Phil all over the football team with less talented players, make fun of him after the football game, and then sleeping with Mrs. Fulmer in the locker room just to throw a little fuel on the fire. This year, none of that happened. But I guarantee it does next year. Spurrier's favorite place to win is Knoxville, TN. It'll be more fun than watching Alabama beat the Vols.

And finally, seeing Temple get their first win after having 20 straight losses was refreshing. What's even more refreshing is seeing them beat Bowling Green (who one of my college fantasy football rivals had starting this past week). Nobody will talk about it, but this team has been steadily improving, and will only get better under Golden. He's a good recruiter and a good coach, and he has good people around him. Temple won't challenge for any championships anytime soon, but they'll be in the bowl hunt in Golden's 3rd year. I'll guarantee that.

Sunday, October 29, 2006  
Tuesday, Oct. 31st

Pick: SMU
Winner: SMU

Wednesday, Nov. 1st

Fresno St at Boise St
Pick: Boise St
Winner: Boise St

Thursday, Nov. 2nd

West Virginia at Louisville
Pick: Louisville
Winner: Louisville

Friday, Nov. 3rd

Air Force at Army
Pick: Air Force
Winner: Air Force

Saturday, Nov. 4th

Mississippi State at Alabama
Pick: Alabama
Winner: Miss St

LSU at Tennessee
Pick: Tennessee
Winner: LSU

Northwestern State at Ole Miss
Pick: Ole Miss
Winner: Ole Miss

Florida at Vanderbilt
Pick: Florida
Winner: Florida

Georgia at Kentucky
Pick: Georgia
Winner: Kentucky

Arkansas St at Auburn
Pick: Auburn
Winner: Auburn

Arkansas at South Carolina
Pick: Arkansas
Winner: Arkansas

Missouri at Nebraska
Pick: Missouri
Winner: Nebraska

Maryland at Clemson
Pick: Clemson
Winner: Maryland

Penn State at Wisconsin
Pick: Wisconsin
Winner: Wisconsin

Ball State at Michigan
Pick: Michigan
Winner: Michigan

Oklahoma at Texas A&M
Pick: Texas A&M
Winner: Oklahoma

North Carolina at Notre Dame
Pick: Notre Dame
Winner: Notre Dame

Ohio State at Illinois
Pick: Ohio State
Winner: Ohio State

Washington at Oregon
Pick: Oregon
Winner: Oregon

Oklahoma St at Texas
Pick: Texas
Winner: Texas

Boston College at Wake Forest
Pick: Wake Forest
Winner: Wake Forest

Georgia Tech at North Carolina St
Pick: Georgia Tech
Winner: Georgia Tech

USC at Stanford
Pick: USC
Winner: USC

UCLA at Cal
Pick: Cal
Winner: Cal

Virginia Tech at Miami
Pick: Virginia Tech
Winner: Virginia Tech

Sunday, Nov. 5th

Southern Miss at Memphis
Pick: Southern Miss


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