Tuesday, June 30, 2009  
Short work week!
Days 'til VaTech: 67

The more I read about this movie, the more I wanna go see it. Check out ESPN's latest story about "The Blind Side" with all the SEC coaches that are in it.

So, Kirby Smart kinda dropped a hint that we'll be playing at Big 12 opponent in 2012 at the new Cowboys' stadium. Hmmmm. The Bama Sports Report is all over it. They've got possible matchups, etc.

The composite pre-season poll from all the pre-season magazines is officially out. Check out Paul Gattis' blog here.

CFN's 2009 SEC Preview is up. I can diggit. Read more here.

Melick tackles Coach Saban's problem with recruiting websites and services. Read more here.

Kirby Smart talked in Rome, GA the other night and had some pretty interesting things to say. Read up on it here.

Cecil Hurt discusses how Coach Saban has sucked the suspense out of national signing day for Bama fans. He'll have his whole class done by Christmas. Haha. Read more here.

Tuesday, June 23, 2009  
For real?
Days 'til VaTech: 74

Has it really been a whole damn week since I've updated? Jeeez. It feels like just a day or two. I was out of town from Friday through Monday. Went to Tupelo to hang out with the grandparents. Doesn't get much better than laying out at the pool with your friends and family for 3 straight days, y'know? Played a show Saturday night. We've got another in Greenwood, MS this weekend. Whew. Talk about busy.

For those that don't know, I play in band called Prosevere. Which, if you check this site at all, you know that's my other pride and joy.

Finally figured out why I couldn't update BamaontheBluff.com. Got it fixed, which means - there's a new update here.

Fernando Bryant retired after 10 NFL seasons. He was a lot of fun to watch at the Capstone. We all wish him well in his retirement from the game. Read more here.

We got three commitments over the weekend - 2 for the class of 2010, and one for the class of 2011. Jeez. They just keep rollin in. Read Ian's report here.

Now, we all know that there are other schools that are doing anything and everything that they can to slow down what Coach Saban is building here...but it's getting to the point of ridiculous. Read more about what Coach thinks about some of the recruiting websites that are out there, and what they're trying to accomplish when they talk to recruits.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009  
Finally outta the dark...
Days 'til VaTech: 81

So, a tornado hit Olive Branch last Friday afternoon. So I've been without power at work since then. Talk about a hellacious few days, trying to get everything back up and running.

Ran 4 servers off of generators yesterday. With no air conditioning. Argh.

Paul Finebaum delves into what a lot of people are thinking - is it time for Mal Moore to go? I'm still not really sure what I think on this issue. Read more here.

Phil Savage is the new color analyst for Alabama football this year. I thought he did a great job at the A-Day game. Read up on that story here.

Javier Arenas is the #80 player in the country, according to Rivals.com. Pretty cool accolades for Javy. Read more here.

Friday, June 12, 2009  
Aight...opinion time.
Days 'til VaTech: 85

Alright, I haven't said a whole lot, but I guess I can post some opinions on everything now.

The national media, along with all of my idiot friends from other schools that haven't been paying attention to this whole investigation, look at this as Alabama getting off easy. I look at it differently.

These were MINOR offenses.

Let me repeat - MINOR. Yeah. There was no competitive advantage for any sport. There was no profit made off of this. The kids didn't sell the books. They had to return them at the end of the sememster, or PAY THE UNIVERSITY FULL PRICE for the books. Nobody made even one single dollar off of this. They didn't get to keep the books. It was a gap in the system at the University that has since been fixed.

So I, personally, am looking forward to the appeal. I'd like to get back the wins and keep up our records that we currently have. Y'know...if it weren't for vacating the wins in the 90s, we'd already have over 800 total wins. Regardless, it is what it is.

I wouldn't call my opinion biased. I would call it "educated" because I actually have a clue what the hell is going on. And listening to the morons on national radio, or over at sportsline.com, etc, is just really getting on my nerves because these guys haven't studied the case at all.

Thursday, June 11, 2009  
Weh-heh-heh-hell now.
Days 'til VaTech: 86

Ok, I know everybody's talking about the NCAA stuff. If you wanna read up on ALL the info, go check out these sites:


I don't have too much to say on the matter, other than I look forward to the appeal process, and I appreciate the fact that the NCAA didn't over-bear on this one. We all know those bastards hate our school, for whatever reason, but I thank them for not taking away scholarships, and basically giving too much punishment for the crimes.

We'll eventually get the wins back that were vacated (see Oklahoma's case from a few years ago). So everything will be just fine - we just gotta make sure we don't do anything stupid for 3 more years. Haha.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009  
Midweek blues.
Days 'til VaTech: 87

Nick Saban was in LA doing quite a few things...and one of them was shooting new commercials for ESPN's College Gameday. Read up on Coach and the commercials here.

More crap about the Text-Book case. Scarbinsky's got the low-down on all of it. I'm sure all of us are pretty anxious about it, right?

Gentry goes over the top moments from the past year covering Alabama sports. Pretty awesome. Read more here.

Dennis Dodd tackles Lane Kiffin's 6 (yes...six) secondary recruiting violations so far, along with Auburn's Tiger Prowl and Big Cat Weekend, etc. Read up on it here. Some good stuff there.

Tim Floyd resigned at USC yesterday. Wow. Read more here.

Bruce Feldman held a chat over at ESPN.com last Friday. The first question is about "elite national teams." Pretty cool. Read here.

Monday, June 08, 2009  
Starting another week.
Days 'til VaTech: 89

There are 89 days left. So you would think I'd have started the countdown by now...


We're gonna wait just a bit. The countdown will be the 56 bowl games. Now, I can do them in order, or sit down and rank the games in order of importance, etc. Not sure how we'll do it yet, but we've got a lil while til we get to it.

Go vote for everything Alabama for today's ESPN College Football Live poll! CLICK HERE and do it ASAP!

We're still waiting to find out about the NCAA verdict on our text book case. Read what the Gadsden Times has to say about it here.

Ian fills us in on something that's been talked about for a long time - an early signing period. The NCAA hasn't caught up to the fact that recruiting takes place WAY earlier than January and February. Read more here.

Tony Franklin, the former Auburn OC, was on Finebaum last Friday and had some very interesting things to say. Josh Moon wrote an article after an interview with Franklin. You'll find it intriguing, to say the least. Read here.

Friday, June 05, 2009  
Ready for the weekend.
Days 'til VaTech: 92

Y'know, I find it incredibly funny with everything that has been talked about on the Finebaum show as of late. I had a conversation last night with somebody "in the know" about the Gadsden situation, and from what I understand, the head-honchos down at Auburn - the big boosters and whatnot - are basically trying to get everyone to shut up and leave Gadsden alone. Why would they do this? Because if the NCAA goes snooping around, Auburn fans won't like what they find. Now...without me saying anything else, just stop and think about what that means. Now grin a lil bit. Now laugh.

Alabama picked up a commitment from Demarcus Milliner, 5 star defensive back from Millbrook. Read more here. This may be our biggest get of the year, and it's only June. This kid is a straight up stud. And he's quick too. Runs a 4.35 40. Ridiculously awesome.

Lache Seastrunk, the Auburn recruit that called out Nick Saban last week, actually called Coach Saban and apologized for what he said (which wasn't really that bad), and then spewed a lot of compliments about Saban and the amount of respect he has for him. Definitely came off good for us. Read more here. The rumors are that he stopped in Tuscaloosa and talked with some of the assistant coaches on Monday. Apparently we are still actively recruiting the kid, even though we haven't offered him. Pretty interesting.

ESPN's 50 states tour is hitting Alabama on Monday and Tuesday. We need to vote and make sure the top team from the state is the '92 National Championship team. If we keep splitting the vote between the 79 and 92 teams, Auburn may sneak away with a win. Go here and vote today!

There's talk about Tennessee maybe wearing their orange jerseys in Tuscaloosa this year. Hmmm. More here.

Thursday, June 04, 2009  
Let's roll.
Days 'til VaTech: 93

If you'd like to keep up with the 2010 recruits, check out this INCREDIBLE excel spreadsheet that BamaNation.com has hosted here. It really is awesome. They spent a lot of time on this thing. I was amazed.

There's more crap talk about the Gadsden recruiting scandal on Finebaum. From what I can gather, it's just sour grapes from Auburn fans. Even the principal of the high school said that Alabama's recruiting staff just outworked Auburn's. Saban was there 30-40 times himself, and Tuberville was there maybe once or twice. Not a violation - just outworking the other person. Remember, there's an opponent in this state that we work 365 days a year to dominate. Cheers.

Mal Moore's been all over the place this week. Read up on some of what he's been doing, along with some quotes he's made over the past few days here.

There's more talk about the limit of signing only 28 players in a recruiting class. This is probably for the better, to be honest. Read up on it here.

There's more information that's been released about ESPN's TV deal with the SEC. I just can't get over the fact that EVERY SEC game will be televised in one way or another. Blows my mind. Comcast has picked up ESPNU and ESPN360.com, etc. Read more here.

Auburn may have committed some recruiting violations during their "Big Cat Weekend" that everyone's talking about. Read up on it here.

Shaud Williams, who graduated in 2003, has been inducted into the Texas High School Sports Hall of Fame. Congrats to him for being a player and stand-up person that all Alabama fans can be proud of. Read more here.

I gotta tell you, I cannot WAIT for NCAA 2010 to come out in July. The rankings were released, of course. Check out the rankings right now - here. Alabama is #5 in the polls on the game.

Sam Keller's a crybaby. This article is old, but I still think we could talk about it. Read up here.

Ray Melick tells us something we already knew - schools don't care about secondary recruiting violations. Read more here.

Still working on a new countdown. This is my 3rd year doing it, so I gotta come up with something good here. We'll start on Monday. Guaranteed. And I'm gonna be updating EVERY DAY from now on. I've been slackin like hell on this site because of all my other activities, but it's getting close to football season, and I'm ready to start it back up for real. Let's roll.


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