Wednesday, February 17, 2010  
Random thoughts from Pops Tider
Reason and logic. Here's a few random thoughts...

With all the hoopla about the PAC10 & BIG10 looking to expand,and thus throwing the BIG12 into “maybe” expansion mode as well, don’t think for a minute the SEC is sitting around on their hands.

Remember what I’ve always said about TV markets being the driving force? Seems there is a great deal of pressure in the Texas legislature to keep Texas and Texas A&M in the same league. Not enough room for both in the BIG10. If those two went to the SEC, the SEC doubles their TV market overnight and becomes the first super-conference with 14 teams.

That leaves the BIG12 without Texas and Texas A&M and, most likely, a Colorado that moves to the PAC10. They are now three short of a boat.

Nebraska or Missouri to the BIG10 leaves them 4 short. They pick up TCU, BYU, and Utah, moving the entire conference decidedly north while adding New Mexico to the west.

What are your thoughts on this happening?

Comments: I think it would be interesting, and from a personal standpoint, I would love to see the Horns and Aggies added, but I can't see it as a real possibility for a few reasons. The biggest is of course money. Adding two teams dilutes the amount of money the other teams get, so there is no chance that happens. The alternative would be to cut two teams to add them, and I doubt that would happen. Secondly, if you add those teams, you change the entire conference. Auburn would likely shift to the East, which would then become Alabama's traditional rival and Tennessee would then drop to the rotation meaning we would have five year stretches where we didn't play them. OR, the league would then go to nine mandatory conference games with two traditional rivals (like it was a few years ago) but that would then cut down the OOC games to only three and the one that gets cut is likely going to be the BCS opponent. I'm not entirely opposed to this idea, though I imagine the coaches who like to use those games as recruiting trips might be.
# posted by Blogger TideFaninTN : 10:40 AM   What part of SOUTHEASTERN do you fail to comprehend? LSU and Arkansas are both on the fringes to the west.

I don't see any reason for the SEC to have more than 12 teams, but I wouldn't mind swapping South Carolina for Georgia Tech, creating two natural intraconfernce, intrastate rivalries between USC-Clemson and UGA-Ga Tech. Also wouldn't mind seeing Florida State added, and for the same reason, and maybe Arkansas goes back to the same conference as their old SWC foes or something.
# posted by Blogger Shaded Poet : 6:55 PM   MT are you OK, like post something dude. I'll be in Memphis this weekend. Wife's B-day....John Cryer....I mean Mayer at FedEx Forum.
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