Wednesday, January 06, 2010  
Ever so close...
Well, I won my group of friends' bowl picking contest with Iowa's victory over Georgia Tech last night. That's the problem with gimmick offenses. Give a pretty good team a month to prepare for it and they'll stop it dead in its tracks. Take a look at Texas Tech against Alabama after the '05 season, and LSU against Georgia Tech after last season. It's the same story. Play sound defense, and they can't trick you. Discipline, baby.

1. So Texas fans hate their offensive coordinator?

Wow. Gotta be honest. That makes me feel ok.

2. It's fun to see what they think too

There's all of these reasons why Texas fans, especially those over at, believe that their team will walk away with the trophy on Thursday night. The only issue with that is that everything that's written on paper looks like a good idea before gametime. Read their "unseen possibilities" here. It's interesting, to say the least. They believe in their team just as much as we do.

3. The fellas over at BarkingCarnival think they'll lose

Barking Carnival is a site run by Texas fans. They think their team is going to lose, even though they're pulling like hell for them to win. Again, interesting to read. Check it out here. It puts to bed all the horsecrap reasons on why Alabama or Texas will win. Like the Heisman myth, or the "Bama worked too hard for Florida" or whatever. He calls this his "no-shit assessment." Great read.

4. Rolo is back to bein cool

Appears his stomach bug is gone, or at least close to gone. That's a good thing. Actually that's a GREAT thing. Probably the one player we couldn't lose at all is McClain.


No need for a #5 today. Talk to you tomorrow. Remember - TOMORROW'S THE DAY.

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