Friday, January 08, 2010  
Appreciate the moment, fellas.
This is the proudest and best I've felt since my daughter was born over 4 years ago. And aside from that, it may be the best feeling ever, other than that.

I must admit, I was a little bit pissed off at Greg McElroy for most of the evening. I couldn't understand why he was holding on to the ball so long, or why he was so scared of getting hit. He hadn't been like that all season.

Then I read this.

The kid suffered cracked ribs against Florida and was in a ridiculous amount of pain. No wonder he was scared to get hit.

Regardless, we didn't need a Florida-game type of performance from him to be able to handle the Longhorns. Yeah, Colt went out early, but I don't believe it would have affected the outcome. I think this team had found a way to beat everybody already this season, and they were going to do it again, no matter who was on the other sideline.

With that said, I'll remind Tide fans of something that Bear said years ago.

After years of having Joe Namath, Ken Stabler, Pat Trammel, Steve Sloan, etc, Bear's team had a disastrous 6-5 campaign in 1969. As he was switching to the wishbone, he told people that he would never again have his team rely on one guy that could throw the football because you're one play away from the season being over.

So, does anybody really think this team wouldn't have won this game without Greg McElroy? We threw the ball 11 times. That's it.

Texas couldn't exactly do the same.

Appreciate the moment. The Process continues on. We'll celebrate this one for a little while...and then it's time to finish recruiting and start working on San Jose St. Time for me to plan my sabbatical to Tuscaloosa to see the new trophies. I'll have more on the game after I watch it a few more times. Haha. I stayed up until 4am last night watching it a 2nd time to see what all went on. It felt just as good as the first time. :-)


Comments: From a long time Bama fan living in exile in bitterly cold Iowa. In fact, it is suppose to be between 20 to 30 below tonight. Help! Even in Tuscaloosa it is cold, but millions of the Bama faithful have warm hearts for our beloved Alabama winning the national football championship last night. My phone rang off the hook at the church last night as Iowa/Nebraska fans offered best wishes for Bama's victory. One problem: My DVD did not record correctly last night, so I only have part of the championship game. Would it be possible for anyone to run me off a new DVD recording of the game? I would be most happy and pleased to pay all costs. It would be great viewing when the snows are deep outside. Thank you. Fr. Vern Smith, Shenandoah, Iowa. St. Mary's Church. Forever true to our beloved Bama--and, the greatest football coach in American: Coach Saban. Roll Tide! Go Bama Go.
# posted by Blogger Shenandoah : 8:00 PM   hey hey! you can actually purchase the dvd of the game for only $24.99 at in the merch section. It's got the pregame, post game, etc. :-)
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 8:45 AM   Post a Comment

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