Monday, December 07, 2009  
Monday Morning QB

Ohhh yeah. I feel incredible. It's just been an unreal couple of days. I've gone back and watched the game 4 times all the way through already. Unbelievable.

1. Alabama vs Texas

It is officially time for some payback. We're 0-7-1 against Texas all time. That's right. We've never beaten the Longhorns. Time to cure that. Thursday, Jan 7th at 7pm on ABC.

2. Florida is tasting Sugar right now

And sugar never tasted so sour. That was us last year. So now you know how it feels. Kinda sucks for the Sugar Bowl. They've been relegated to a consolation prize for two straight years. I'm sure they can't WAIT until they get to host the championship game again. Haha.

3. Alabama opened as a 4 point favorite

Of course they did. Because we demolished what was supposed to be the best team in the country, and they needed a replay to put one second back on the clock to win by 1 point over a team that lost at home to Iowa State 9-7 a few weeks ago.

I've watched Texas a few times this year - against Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Texas A&M, and Nebraska. I feel reeeeally good about this matchup. If our defense shows up and doesn't come out lackadaisical, like they did against Auburn, then we can own this game the same way we owned the SEC Championship game. If we come out thinking we're better, not playing with a lil bit of a chip on our shoulder, then it will be another tight ballgame, or maybe even another Utah type of game. You don't want to get so far behind that it takes you out of your gameplan, or that it gives the other team enough confidence late in the ballgame to allow them to hang with you.

4. No "Andre Smith" moments this year...

We're about to play in the BCS National Championship game. Pray that nobody on this team is dumb enough, or selfish enough, to do what Smitty did last year. No funny business before this game. National Championships are hard enough to win with ALL of your players.

5. Heisman talk? Does it matter?

Does it really matter if Mark wins the Heisman Trophy this Saturday? In the past, the distractions have hurt QBs. What are we going to do if the distractions get to our running back? Easy - we'll put in Trent Richardson. Simple enough, right? It would be nice to actually have a Heisman, but at the same time, I don't want one. I want to give it to Colt, and then let us squash another Heisman winner. Already squashed Timmy Tebow. We squashed Gino back in '92. I wanna squash another one.

This is gonna be a fun month, my friends.

Comments: It's Time...

No more losses to Longhorns
No more overconfidence
No more player distractions

One more National Championship

It's Time
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