Tuesday, November 10, 2009  
MMQB on a Tuesday?

Yup. We're doin it on a Tuesday because I didn't get much done on the computer last night.

1. Mississippi State is ready for us...

Or at least they're putting off that perception. They've brought in extra seating, they're selling more tickets, and Coach Mullen even predicted that they'd beat us on his coach's show.

I'll be in attendance, so let's hope the Tide isn't too lazy after a big win over LSU.

2. LSU played well...

...but damn. We beat the crap out of them physically. They had guys falling down all over the field. Jordan Jefferson was cleared to go back in the ballgame, and he didn't go back in. By the 4th quarter, those guys really didn't want to play against us anymore.

3. 2006 seems so long ago...

Do you remember the Shula years? Where we could play with anybody in the country for 3 quarters, and then were so poorly conditioned that you knew what was going to happen in the 4th? Feels a lot better to know that you're doing to dominate the 4th quarter every game. We have depth. We have conditioning. We have the better team. It's refreshing to see.

4. Ohio St again? Really?

Could somebody in the Big 10 please do something? This is getting ridiculous. I mean reeeally ridiculous. Penn St, c'mon man. Iowa? C'mon man. Anybody. Having to watch Ohio St get blown out in a BCS game again is just dumb. Anybody that doesn't realize how bad the Big Ten is, well, you obviously don't know a damn thing about football. Argh.

5. SEC teams vs. Sisters of the Poor

This was the "hey, let's play nobodies!" week in the SEC. Tennessee Tech, Northern Arizona, Memphis, Furman, Eastern Kentucky. If you're gonna play a weak team...at least play a Division 1 school. If Ole Miss doesn't get to 7 wins, they miss out on a bowl because they played 2 D-II schools this year. Christ.

6. Alabama vs. Florida

I don't even want to start on this yet. All we know right now is that it is happening. Still got 3 more games to win, including two SEC road games. Do it to it.

Comments: I think Miss State will be ready to play. They almost took it to Floriduh. I still think we wear them out and have the second string in at midway through the 3rd quarter.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 12:44 PM   As long as we don't make mistakes, we should be ok. They were only in the ballgame with Florida because Tebow threw 2 pick-6s in the ball game. Remember...State only scored 2 field goals on offense against them.
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 9:48 AM   Post a Comment

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