Tuesday, November 17, 2009  
It got moved back again.

Workin alllll the time it seems. Still no excuse.

1. Alabama continues their romp

That's what you do to bad football teams.

I have to admit, it felt like the early 90s all over again. Mississippi State fans complaining about "them cheatin referees" and Alabama laying the smack down on a bad Bulldog team. It was just about the most vanilla offensive gameplan you could possibly think of. Only two attempts to pass downfield. Lots of screen passes, etc. Just play sound defense, remember your fundamentals, and let the other team shoot themselves in the foot.

You could watch exactly what the team was doing - run left, run right, throw screen left, toss sweep right. They ran back and forth all night, and then, in the 4th quarter, ran over them. Hit two big plays because they were visibly gassed.

2. Florida has another close one

South Carolina gave Florida everything they wanted and then some. There's just something that's not right about this Florida team this year, and I'm not sure what it is. The rest of the SEC is so bad, and they haven't played a single decent non-conference team as of yet, so there's no way to know exactly how good they are, but I'm tellin ya, they're not clicking right now. Hopefully it'll remain that way through Dec. 5th.

3. Kentucky is bowl-bound again

The basketball school is going to their 4th straight bowl. Rich Brooks has done about as much there as you can possibly do. To get to 4 straight bowls while having to play against Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina, and others every year, that's just remarkable. I'm not sure if he'd be much better at any other SEC school, but he's sure shown that he's one helluva coach. Kentucky's lucky to have him.

4. Mississippi State fans are annoying

I used to get along with them, but Saturday left a bad taste in my mouth. Cheering when Mark Ingram went down with an injury was classless, and the constant griping about officiating was ridiculous. And finally, when the stands started clearing out with about 10 minutes left in the 4th, these inbreeders did the only thing they could think to do - the Gator Chomp. The State student section yelled out cries of "GATOR BAIT! GATOR BAIT!" as the Tide fans sang Rammer Jammer to end the night. It really was pathetic to witness. It's like "if we can't beat you, we'll cheer for the only team that might!" Haha. Such a sad sad thing to witness. It sucks to be a loser.

5. Dark Vader is incredible

You can keep him quiet for a lil while, but you best not try to match him up one-on-one with a safety, and you're a damn idiot if you leave him completely uncovered in the secondary. How you have busted coverage against Julio Jones is beyond me. Now, is that because the players are bad, or because Carl Torbush is a bad defensive coordinator? Hmmmmmm...

6. Ben Tate has a big mouth

Really, Ben? Who gives a damn who the better running back in the state is? Nobody really cares in Tuscaloosa. We only care about bloodying your nose one more time. 36-0 wasn't quite sweet enough last year. It'll be much better to beat you like that on your own field, in front of your families and friends. We want your pride and dignity. We will destroy you. We hate you with everything that's in our souls. And no, there will be no mercy. There will be blood.

7. TCU

I do NOT want to play TCU. Period. This team looks like they'd kill anybody they play right now. That may change by December, but I would NOT want to play those guys.

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