Monday, November 09, 2009  
Cheese with your whine?
Dear Tennessee, LSU, and every other team in the SEC--- Please keep whining.

While you're whining, we'll keep winning. Do something to prove that you're better. If you go out and dominate, questionable calls won't matter.

And for those that thought it was an interception - the ruling was not whether or not Peterson had feet inbounds. Julio touched the football while he was out of bounds before Peterson caught it, and that was conclusive. Therefore, the ball is dead, and it doesn't matter whether Peterson caught it inbounds or not. Simple rule. Again, go read the rulebook before you start complaining about officiating.

Hey Clay Travis. Please go practice law, as you like to toss out that you went to law school so much. Your incessant bitching is getting on everybody's nerves. Your football team is playing well, so either start enjoying it and leave the other shit alone, or go back to being a lawyer. Simple enough.

I'll have a regular Monday Morning QB post later on today, but I wanted to go ahead and get that crap out of the way. Haha.

Comments: If the game is close (see: Tennessee & LSU) they will always call for someone's head. Hey why not the refs. I guess they are the ONLY reason that they lost. I guess Mark Ingram, julio, bama's D, etc. had nothing to do with winning. Cry on children. It ain't helpin'. Nuff said.

Great post by the way.
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