Monday, October 12, 2009  
Monday Morning Quarterbacking

1) Alabama's demolition of Ole Miss

I seriously don't know the last time that I saw a team just get completely and totally dominated on their home field the way that Ole Miss got shut down against the Tide this past Saturday. A thorough ass kicking on an opponent's home field. It's gotta make you smile just thinkin about it. Haha.

If you'd like to watch the full game again, just head on over to SEC Digital Network to see the full game streaming without commercials. Great website.

The offensive playcalling Saturday was just weird. Especially inside the 10 yard line. We got inside the 10 six different times. One we had a fumble (Trent Richardson's in the 4th quarter). The other five we wasted a down trying to throw into double (and at least once, triple) coverage to Julio. We were forcing the issue down there so much that it reminded me of JPW looking for DJ Hall back in '06 and '07.

I've got a feeling this was Coach Saban's way of answering the critics who, every week, bring up the fact that Julio is not "involved" in the offense. Julio Jones does his job by blocking and drawing double teams, which opens up the offense to basically make it 10 on 9 at all times. That's his role. Same way with Terrence Cody on the defense. He doesn't make a ton of tackles or sacks or anything, but he eats up two blockers, making it 10 on 9 on that side of the ball. That's how you get mismatches. Julio doesn't have to touch the ball to be "involved." Hopefully it was just something else for the team to throw out there and make other teams think about.

2) LSU's an average football team

Florida didn't do anything special. They just beat the crap outta the Tigers. In Tiger Stadium. On a Saturday night. The Gators didn't really need the almighty Tebow. They just needed their defense. Very simple.

LSU is not a good football team. It's growing more and more obvious that the teams they've beaten to this point are incredibly pedestrian. Not much more you can say than that. Their defense isn't that great, their offense is poor, and, overall, it's just not a very well-disciplined football team. They'll lose more games this year, and possibly a lot more. Lester the Hat should have taken the train to Ann Arbor when he had the chance because his stock is about to plummet.

3) Who is the real South Carolina?

South Carolina is 5-1, with a last second loss at a mediocre Georgia team. They've beaten a weak NC State team, on the road, 7-3, a weak Ole Miss team, at home, 16-10, two small schools who have yet to win a ballgame between the two of them, and a bad Kentucky team that played part of the game with a backup quarterback, 28-26 at home.

So exactly who is South Carolina?

Are they one hell of a defensive team? Not sure. They gave up 41 to Georgia and 26 to Kentucky, but only 3 to NC State and 10 to Ole Miss. Are they an awesome offensive team? Well, they only scored 16 on Ole Miss and 7 at NC State, but scored 37 at Georgia and 28 at home on Kentucky.

Count me as wary of this weekend's opposition for the Tide. This is a trap game if I've ever seen one. With Ole Miss this past week and Tennessee next week, The Ol' Ball Coach could catch us napping. I doubt it'll happen, but I think this game will be closer than we want it to be.

4) Tennessee thinks they're ready.

The fans clad in orange were already screaming midway through the 4th quarter of Saturday's blowout against Georgia - "WE WANT BAMA! WE WANT BAMA!"

Are you guys sure about that?

I mean, you've already lost three ballgames, and two of them at home to mediocre competition. You beat a bad Georgia team and you're ready to start calling on us?

Hey Vols. I'd think long and hard before you start talking too much crap. It could be a long day in Bryant-Denny on the 24th if you boys are over-confident. One good smack in the mouth should cure that.

5) Mississippi State is still Mississippi State.

Tyson Lee. C'mon man.

Down 24-17 in the with about 4 and a half minutes left, Mississippi State is driving to tie the game, and Lee fumbles trying to hand the ball off. Houston recovers, scores in like 3 plays, and the game is over. That's what Mississippi State does. It's what they've always done. Mullen has a lot of work in front of him.

Comments: I saw two defenses dominating two offenses. If another offense was worth a damn you would be singing a different tune my man.

On another note, please run the Wild Menstrual, the Bama wildcat, more than once every 28 plays.
# posted by Blogger Bama Sucks Dick : 9:38 AM   I'm totally confused on what you're talking about.

Are you a bitter Ole Miss fan? Or a pissed off LSU fan? Cause both of those teams were at home, in huge games, and managed a combined 6 points.
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 10:18 AM   I am actually a Florida fan who watched both games. ToTaL DoMiNaTiOn with your 5 field goals, and one lucky break. I PRAY, PRAY TO GOD SATAN BUDDAH whatever god you would like me to pray to, that we meet again in the SEC championship and expose that weak shit of players you call a team.
# posted by Blogger Bama Sucks Dick : 12:08 PM   ha. wow. Sounds good. Hope to see you guys in Atlanta. :-)
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 12:35 PM   Memphis Tider,

Great to see you back. I've been checking for updates every day. I've been worried about you.

Anyway...let the Floriduh idiot run his mouth and slob on the teboner....I think they are just scared of our "D".

Next year without Tebow they will be lucky to have a winning season.

# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 8:12 AM   I'm definitely back. Finally got a spot in the mornings where I can update regularly, and I've got a new netbook, so I'll be able to update when I'm out on the road quite a bit. :-)
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 9:56 AM   Post a Comment

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