Monday, October 26, 2009  
Insert foot in mouth.

1) Wow. I was waaaay off.

Tennessee had one hell of a gameplan Saturday, and they played one helluva game. I won't sit here and tell you that I wasn't nervous about that last second kick, but I will say that I was curious why UT didn't attempt to get closer in the last 30+ seconds of the game. It just didn't make a lot of sense.

2) Saban's presser

Coach's press conference after the game basically told the whole story. He said that's how fragile a season can be. You've got the ball, at home, close to midfield, the other team only has one timeout, and you've got a 2-score lead. Your runs are getting at least 4 to 5 yards per attempt.

And then one mistake can cost you a ballgame.

Mark Ingram fumbles for the first time in his career at Alabama, Tennessee scores quickly (the first TD allowed in 3 ballgames, by the way), gets an onside kick, and then, the next thing you know, there's 4 seconds left, and UT is lining up for a game-winning kick from only 44-yards - at your house. That's why coaches preach for NO mistakes. Ever. Ever ever ever.

3) Couldn't have ended any more perfectly...

As I sat at Buffalo Wild Wings in Nashville, TN, surrounded by people with Orange jerseys and shirts and pants, I immediately thought how awesome it would be to watch the viles screw this up. I was admittedly nervous, but I was also thinking to myself that it couldn't have ended more perfectly if they were to miss the kick.

There's nothing better on the face of the earth than to allow those ignorant, hillbilly, inbred bastards to think they're going to win a football game, especially against their most hated rival, and then watch it blow up in their faces in a split second. The looks on their faces and the reactions of these SOBs was priceless, and I've thanked the good Lord a billion times since then that I was able to witness the game at a bar in Nashville, TN, surrounded by those idiots.

4) Good time for a bye week...

This is a football team that was tired and beat up and nicked up pretty good. Great time for a bye week to allow them to rest up and prepare for what should the most difficult test remaining on the schedule. It's the last conference home game, and it's against LSU, a top 10 team, and our main competition in the SEC West. We win this game, and we've secured a spot in the SEC Championship game. Not too shabby.

We already hold a 2 game lead over Ole Miss, and the tie-breaker, 3 games over Auburn, 3 games over Mississippi State, and 4 games over Arkansas. We beat LSU, and we've got at least a 2 game lead over everybody, with only two conference games left.

5) Auburn is officially flat

How they gave up 31 points to a very mediocre LSU team, I will never know. But that once promising offense looks suddenly like they couldn't score on Florida International. It's kinda scary how quickly things have gone sour on the plains, but it's definitely fun to watch. They're already crying for Tommy Tuberville to come back. Haha.

6) Screw Tennessee.

I hate Tennessee. Just had to throw that out there one more time.

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