Monday, July 13, 2009  
Let the countdown begin!
Days' til VaTech: 54

So, over the weekend, we were supposed to begin our countdown of Alabama's 56 bowl games played. Well, I was out of the loop for most of the weekend, but we're kicking it off today.

56. Alabama 20 Washington 19
1926 Rose Bowl - Pasadena, CA - from

Wallace Wade's Alabama (9-0) launches the "Age of Dixie" by edging Washington (10-0-1) in a 20-19 thriller despite the heroics of the Huskies' great running back George Wilson. In the 38 minutes Wilson is able to play, Washington scores three times and gains 300 yards, but in the 22 minutes he is out with an injury, his team gains only 17 yards and is outscored three touchdowns to none. Wilson has 134 yards in 15 carries and completes five passes. Johnny Mack Brown and "Pooley" Hubert lead Alabama rally after trailing 12-0 with three third-quarter touchdowns. Bill Buckler's two of three conversions makes the victory difference.

55. Alabama 7 Stanford 7
1927 Rose Bowl - Pasadena, CA - from

Stanford (10-0) ties Alabama (9-0) in a 7-7 standoff despite Stanford's 305-98 yardage to advantage. Stanford takes a 7-0 lead on a George Bogue to Ed Walker touchdown pass and Bogue's conversion. Clarke Pearce blocks a punt of Stanford's Frankie Wilton to set up Jimmy Johnson's fourth quarter touchdown bolt, and Herschel Caldwell ties the game after a trick, quick lineup catches Stanford by surprise before it can attempt to block the effort. Ted Shipkey, Stanford's All-American end, enjoys a 23-yard end around, catches five passes, recovers two fumbles and is a defensive fortress. In two Rose Bowl appearances, he totals 12 catches.

54. Alabama 24 Washington St 0
1931 Rose Bowl - Pasadena, CA - from

The Rose Bowl is enlarged to seat 81,000, just in time for the fans to see Wallace Wade's Alabama (9-0) administer a 24-0 defeat to previously unbeaten Washington State (9-0). Jimmy "Hurry" Cain at the controls, engineers a decisive attack that produces three second quarter touchdowns with Monk Campbell tallying twice, gaining 114 yards. Washington State has stalwart linemen like Glenn "Turk" Edwards and Mel Hein, but they can't prevent the onslaught. Cain averages 46 yards on six punts to keep the Cougars away from scoring chances except one occasion when they fail at the one.

Awww yeah. Countdown it up, my friends.

Our friend, Ian Rapoport, is leaving the Birmingham News to become the beat writer for the New England Patriots at the Boston Globe. Daaaamn. I can diggit. Read more here.

The Dothan Eagle takes a look at how Julio Jones and Dont'a Hightower will have a bigger impact this year than last year. Good read. Check it out here.

ESPN's Chris Low tackles a lot of subjects regarding SEC Fooball. Read up on it here.

A lil basketball news for ya - Yamene Coleman has transferred to Troy (read here) and Shawn Kemp Jr. is headed to Hargrave for a year before he re-signs with Alabama next year (read here.

Greg McElroy turned a lot of heads at the Manning Passing Academy over the weekend. He looked incredible...better than Colt McCoy and Sam Bradford. Now that's some pretty good company there. Watch some of the videos, etc, here.

All of you know by now that I'm a pretty big UFC fan. If you didn't watch the fights this weekend, you have NO idea what you're missing. I was never a big GSP fan, but watching his fight against Alves was incredible. For boxing fans that can't get into this, UFC has so much more to offer. To see a guy be at an advantage when he's on his back, and be able to escape submission holds,'s just a thing of beauty. There's so much strategy that goes into these fights. The Lesnar match was ridiculous, and Henderson's knockout was brutal.


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