Monday, April 13, 2009  
I gotsta say...
Days 'til A-Day: 5
Days 'til VaTech: 145

...this weekend was a lil bit blah. Rained on Easter Sunday. Spent most of the weekend just being lazy as crap. was a good weekend. :-)

I caught Death Cab for Cutie on Saturday night. They were absolutely phenomenal, and that's putting it lightly. They blew me away, man. You should definitely catch them if you get the chance.

Other than that, I spent yesterday watching the Georgia spring game. I love ESPN's coverage of spring games. They give you a lot of background knowledge, etc, for the team. It's basically a 2 hour national advertisement for your football program. We're lucky that they'll be in T-Town this weekend. Don't forget...last year they setup shop in Gainesville on this weekend, and the Gators went on to win the national title. I'm not saying anything...I'm just saying. :-)

The baseball team played well, but the bullpen got em beat in two of the 3 games. Gotta find some relievers. Period. Of course, LSU is a pretty good team. But regardless of that, we gotta have somebody that can get an out.

There's a pretty good article about how Coach Saban already has as many commitments from the stage of Georgia as Georgia Tech, and more than UGA has to this point. Read more here.

The Bleacher Report has a pretty good article about how Coach Saban gets "the best 11 players on the field." Pretty interesting stuff.

Don't forget -- A-DAY IS THIS WEEKEND! Get everybody and yo' mammy to come out and support this team. I'll be there with 3 good friends of mine, so make it happen!

Also, for you fellas in Memphis, don't forget to get your tickets to the Crimson Caravan coming through the Peabody on Tuesday, April 28th. Check out Bama on the Bluff for more information.

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