Wednesday, February 18, 2009  
It's been about a minute...
Days 'til A-Day: 59

It's been WAAAY too long, so today should be a rather large update. I'm gonna try and cover as much as I can. Updates should be a more common occurrence now that I've gotten a lot of other things out of the way.

We'll start with a few personal things. I lucked out and got 3rd row tickets for Death Cab for Cutie at the Orpheum. Great band. You should definitely check them out if you haven't heard them. The show's sold out, so no go on tickets anymore, but go listen to the band. It's sooooothing. Relaxes me, man.

My band has a lot of stuff going on. For anybody that's new to this site, yes, I am in a rock n roll band. Head on over to to check out what all we've got going on. We're working on some dates in Alabama, so we'll see where they go from here. If you've got anywhere you'd like us to play, just send me an e-mail and we'll try to make it happen.

I've been listening to quite a few new bands as of late, so here's my list. I may completely and totally rip off Todd and Nico over at RollBamaRoll and start doing a random 10 because of how crazy my tastes have gotten. First up, if you're a fan of old school outlaw country - you know, sad songs and drugs (haha) - then you need to check out Jamey Johnson. Best songwriter I've heard in a while. Sounds just like Waylon Jennings. Great tunes. I'd recomment In Color and High Cost of Livin'. Next up, I've absolutely fallen in love with this band. They're like the poppiest pop and the heaviest heavy that I've heard in a while, all rolled up into one. Check out A Day to Remember. And next, if you like amazing vocals, go check out Emarosa. Their singer has the most perfect vocals I've heard on somebody in a long long time. Great music.

Ok, now on to Alabama sports. Haha.

What Coach Saban and his staff did with this recruiting class was nothing but spectacular. The #1 recruiting class in the country for the 2nd year straight. I think I'll take that. There are kids in this class that can come in and help out immediately. As I said before, this class, mixed with last year's, are the ones that national championships are built on. Not only do we have great coaching that understands what it takes to win football games (run the football and stop the run), but we also have the talent to be able to do that.

Now, we're already looking ahead to the 2010 class, and there are some big names out there. We've already secured two commitments with WR Keiwone Malone from Memphis, TN and RB/FB Jalston Fowler from Mobile. Notice these are the two areas that Lance Thompson pinpointed. Anyway, there's been a lot of crap coming out about whether or not Coach Saban commited a recruiting violation with Malone in Memphis. It's all bogus, and Ian talks about it here.

I really really think that Star Jackson is going to get some serious playing time at QB this year. Don't be surprised to see a 2 quarterback system. If you watched Coach Saban at LSU, he had no problem with playing different quarterbacks in a game. Now, I'm not sure if he's backed off of that because it wasn't as successful as he would have wanted it to be, but he definitely did use it in the past. McElroy is our most experienced player at the position, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's the best. We'll just have to see what happens. Spring should be very interesting.

The spring practice schedule has been announced:

Practice #1 - Monday, March 23
Practice #2 - Wednesday, March 25
Practice #3 - Friday, March 27
Practice #4 - Saturday, March 28
Practice #5 - Monday, March 30
Practice #6 - Wednesday, April 1
Practice #7 - Friday, April 3
Practice #8 - Saturday, April 4
Practice #9 - Monday, April 6
Practice #10 - Wednesday, April 8
Practice #11 - Friday, April 10
Practice #12 - Saturday, April 11
Practice #13 - Monday, April 13
Practice #14 - Wednesday, April 15
A-Day - Saturday, April 18 (2 p.m.)

Scrimmages will be on Saturday, April 4th and April 11th, according to Ian. I hope this year is as beautiful as the past two years for A-Day, cause I'm gonna enjoy myself down there.

As far as this pitiful excuse for a basketball program...I am not too sure what direction we're going for a new head coach. All signs point to Mike Anderson at Missouri, but I don't believe he would leave such a good situation out there to come back to a struggling program. Our best bet may be Anthony Grant, or another mid-major coach.

But...again, everything I'm hearing is showing that Mal Moore is going after the best of the best to make this program top notch. So we'll have to see what happens with this. Do they want to put that much money in a program that doesn't bring in that much revenue?

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