Saturday, December 06, 2008  
Here we go.
Quick thoughts before I get off of here for the night.

1) JPW did not cost us this game.

2) Marquis Johnson will not be on the team next year. There's one of the scholarships we're looking for.

3) Jim Tartt (#63) for the Gators should be banned from playing football. He's a piece of s*** and I hope somebody breaks his legs.

4) Drew Davis cannot pass block for anything.

5) Tim Tebow, as much as we hate him, is one hell of a quarterback.

6) 12-1 and a berth in the Sugar Bowl is AWESOME and this team deserves some love. No, we don't deserve to be in the BCS Title game, so stop arguing about it.

7) Javier Arenas' dumb play on the kickoff where he went out at the 3 is what changed momentum in the game. It flipped the field.

8) Hightower's facemask penalty when we stopped them on 3rd down was the game changer in the 2nd half. Without that penalty, we get the ball back instead of Florida going up 4 with 6 minutes left.

9) Did I mention that MA Johnson won't be on the team next year? Write it down.

10) Leigh Tiffin needs to keep his nose out of tackles on the kickoff. That's twice this year that he's been knocked out of a game for a lil bit from a kickoff return.

11) Urban Meyer will completely fail with that offense after Tebow leaves. That kid is their entire team. And he's awesome at it.

and finally...

12) We just got beat by a better football team.

Congratulations, Florida. You guys have an outstanding football team. Cheers to you guys representing the SEC with class and pride in the National Championship game.

ROLL TIDE! I'll see you fellas in New Orleans.

Comments: Roll Tide! Thanks for this year. Your site has made my weeks great (along with BAMA rolling over people). We played a good game - but lost. It happens. The Sugar Bowl will still taste sweet! RTR!!
# posted by Blogger JC : 7:48 AM   Why won't Marquis Johnson be with the team next year?
# posted by Blogger leebenp : 1:16 PM   Johnson was the weakness that Florida took advantage of. It's not a given...just a guess on my part that something will happen to him, kinda like something happened to Lionel Mitchell this past offseason to open his scholarship.

Johnson gave up the last touchdown, gave up most of the big plays, and was the one corner that they attacked.
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 2:40 PM   This comment has been removed by the author.
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 2:40 PM   Post a Comment

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