Thursday, December 04, 2008  
The game, Auburn, Miss St, etc
Days 'til Florida: 2

Oh my Lord. This is ridiculous. There's so much going on this week that it's actually insane.

I've heard a lot of things, but Memphis radio is stating that Arkansas is looking to try and buy out Bobby Petrino's contract so that they can hire Tommy Tuberville, and Auburn is actually wanting Petrino. I'm not sure why, or how, or whatever, and it just seems stupid to me, but it's definitely interesting. Keep an eye on that. Oh yeah, and Jeff Long, the AD at Arkansas, is apparently pissed off more than a rattlesnake about Auburn making contact with his coach. Welcome to the SEC. This ain't the Big East, boss.

Mississippi State is not attractive to...well, really anybody. Look for them to hire an assistant coach. Dooley is not showing as much interest, and neither are any of the other coaches they've brought up, like Tuberville, Gary Patterson at TCU, or even Tyrone Nix, Ole Miss's defensive coordinator. There's nobody that really wants that State job.

Wanna know why nobody wants the Auburn or Miss St jobs? Nick Saban. Starkville is only 82 miles from Tuscaloosa. Auburn is only about 160 miles or so from Tuscaloosa. Now...where would football players around here rather play? Exactly. You're not going to bring in anybody that will outwork or outrecruit Coach Saban and his staff. And you're especially not going to try and bring in people that used to work for Saban to coach against him (like Dooley, Muschamp, and Jimbo Fisher). I mean, honestly, if the guy that taught all of these guys is at Alabama, why would Auburn and Mississippi State want to hire the guys that learned from him? It doesn't make sense.

Damn cow colleges.

Anyway, I talked to my dad a little bit yesterday. We discussed the impact that Florida's losing 2 DTs last weekend will have on the game. Florida is now down to 3 healthy defensive tackles on their roster. Now, I'm sure that you're looking at this as an advantage to the running game. I see it as an advantage to the passing game.

Now, think with me. Florida will have to bring up 2 linebackers to help stop the run, as long as we're successful with that early. Florida will, like everyone else this year, drop a safety along with a cornerback on Julio Jones, which will leave at least one section of the field open, due to a safety, corner, and 2 linebackers having to dedicate themselves to the run. Look for a huge game from the Alabama tight ends, and the star of the game could end up being Nikita Stover, who looks like he's closer to 210lbs. He's got great hands and runs great curls and crossing routes.

What do you think will be the matchup to look out for?

Oh yeah, and there's still plenty of time to get your orders in at I swear, you won't be disappointed. :-)

Comments: Did you catch this?
Amy Enzminger had the balls to say Nick Saban pays his players? How soon can she be sued?
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