Saturday, December 06, 2008  
All you can say is argh. All season long, nobody was able to exploit that weakness. The weakness that was shown time and time again last year. I had almost forgotten about it.

Not Urban Meyer.

Marquis Johnson is our weakness. We're good on the line, we're good at linebacker, we're even pretty decent in the secondary. But that's our weakness.

And they attacked it time and time again.

Tim Tebow, as much as I hate that bastard, is actually one helluva quarterback. He made every single throw, exactly where he needed to, and was the catalyst in this football game. I think Alabama gave them something they hadn't seen all year, which was a punch in the face, and they reeled a lil bit.

The play that completely turned the ballgame in their favor was the 3rd down play where Hightower stopped Demps (I believe that was him) on a play towards the sideline, which would have brought up 4th and 2, but Hightower grabbed his facemask (ever-so-slightly) and got flagged. From there, Florida scored a TD, we went 3 and out, and then they took the ball down the field again and scored to go up 11 with 2 minutes left. That was the game changer. If Hightower doesn't grab the facemask, I think we win that football game. It completely changed momentum.

It's weird, y'know, but I'm used to blaming things on referees or by saying that we gave away a football game, but the bottom line is that Florida is just a more complete football team than we are right now. I'm comfortable with that. The better stuff is coming in time, and that's fine with me. :-)

I'll have more later... Roll Tide! See you in New Orleans!

Comments: McElwain's been great all year, but he screwed up after Florida's go ahead TD by calling a bomb on the first play. (Though if that was a facemask on Hightower, it should have been interferene on that pass.) Florida couldn't stop us when we stayed in our offense, and there was plenty of time left.
# posted by Blogger Mac : 9:39 PM   I agree...but I think that's part of the reason why we went for that bomb. Nobody expected it.

Personally, I would have run it first and then gone for the deep pass on 2nd down, after we had already established what we were going to do. But, I don't think that cost us the game.
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 9:43 PM   Post a Comment

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