Wednesday, November 05, 2008  
Woohoo. Change. Yay.
Days 'til LSU: 3

Amazing election coverage last night. It was over around 9:15pm CST because, if you had been paying attention, that's when it was announced that Obama had won the state of Ohio. The total number of electoral votes from there, along with the votes from California, made Obama a lock. So, ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the new President of the United States of America.

Next up, I need everyone thinkin about me on Friday morning. I'll be taking my MCTS exam for my Microsoft Windows Vista Certification. The book I've been studying is something like 1,400 pages. It's insane. But I feel pretty good about it.

Next up, football.

Ever wonder what all happened to Luther Davis when he decommitted from LSU, and instead joined Nick Saban at Alabama? Well, here ya go. I swear, Les Miles is gonna run that program directly into the ground.

Coach Saban isn't too worried about his safety this Saturday when he goes back to Baton Rouge. Of course, security officers are. Read more here.

The Decatur Daily is a subscriber site, but if you just wanna read what Phillip Shanks had to say about Tennessee supposedly running a clean program under Fulmer, go here.

College Football News expects a 24-17 Tide win this Saturday. 4 out of 5 experts think Alabama will beat LSU this weekend. Interesting. Read more here.

Y'know...the last time the Republican party was leaving the White House and being replaced by the Democratic party was 1992. Just thought I'd throw that out there.

Comments: Actually, the last three times the Republicans were kicked out, the Tide won the MNC either the year of the election (1992) or the first year of the new administration (1961, 1977).
# posted by Blogger Mac : 9:24 PM   I want to pick LSU over Alabama. I really do. Sometimes, you can just smell an upset coming. Let's see if my nostrils are deceiving me.
1. Tigers fans, notoriously intimidating under normal circumstances, will unleash flat-out hatred for Bama coach Nick Saban. )Which I don't get. The guy delivered a national title to Bayou country.) The Crimson Tide are unbeaten on the road. (Not to mention at home.)
2. LSU has the No. 1 rusher in the SEC, based on yards per carry: Charles Scott (6.7). The Crimson Tide has the next best: Glen Coffee (6.6).
3. LSU ranks third in the SEC in rushing defense. Bama's offensive line averages 308 pounds per man and creates holes that an elephant could burst through.
4. LSU has allowed 50 points in two of its games. No. 1-ranked teams are 2-2 the past four weeks.
5. Tigers premier linebacker Darry Beckwith is back from injury. The Tide's ferocious nose tackle, Terrance Cody, is expected back from injury.
For each point, there is a counter-point. I think the difference will be (a.) Bama's cool quarterback, John Parker Wilson, and LSU redshirt freshman Jarrett Lee, who has thrown five picks returned for touchdowns, and (b.) Nick Saban somehow outfoxing the estimable Les Miles with a team relying on only nine scholarship seniors.
Bama by a touchdown.

For more, check out
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