Thursday, November 06, 2008  
Days 'til LSU: 2

Just 2 days 'til the Beatdown on the Bayou. That's what I envision the newspaper headlines being on Sunday morning. That's the name of the shirts UA will have printed in stores next week. Haha.

Seriously, the more I look at this game, the more I really expect an early whipping. We could be up 3 touchdowns at halftime, and if we get them down early, and Jarrett Lee has to play from behind, it could get Arkansas ugly.

Anyway, I've gotta get back to studying for my test in the morning...but for now - THE PICKS!!!

Yeah, I missed em last week, but we're back. It's probably better that I missed it because all of the normal picks ended up losing. I didn't have a good feel at all last week. But, alas, I am 25-18 on the year, after going 2-3 two weeks ago. We'll do better this go round.

Florida at Vandy (+24)
Saturday - 7:45pm ESPN
--- I bet this game every year, because every year everybody goes "man, it's Vandy, and it's Florida, and it's gonna be a killing because it's Vandy and it's Florida." You know what the last 5 games have been? 49-22, 25-19, 49-42, 34-17, 35-17. Last year was pretty bad, but I think Vandy's better this year, and they seem to keep it close. 24 is a lot of points for Florida on the road. They've been wailin on people as of late, but they've all been either at home, or at a neutral site (UGA). I think Vandy can keep this one a ballgame til late, and they'll keep it within the spread.

San Diego St at BYU (-36.5)
Saturday - 1pm
--- We all know how just pitiful Wyoming is. And I know you're wondering "why are you talkin about Wyoming?" Well, this is why. BYU beat Wyoming 44-0 earlier this year. Wyoming beat San Diego St last week 35-10. The Cougs will walk all over this team. It'll be over early.

Oklahoma (-27.5) at Texas A&M
Saturday - 2:30pm ABC
--- Oklahoma's offense is rolling. Texas A&M's defense isn't. What more can I say? I just have a feeling this game will turn out kinda like the Oklahoma-Nebraska game last week. Somethin like 63-28 or whatever.

Kansas (+1) at Nebraska
Saturday - 1:30pm
--- If there's one thing the fighting Manginos can do, it's throw the football. If there's one thing Nebraska can't stop, it's a decent passing attack. The Cornhuskers give up, on average, 230 ypg through the air. Todd Reesing will have a field day with this defense. I think Kansas handles these guys by two touchdowns. I mean, honestly, does nobody remember the 76-39 beatdown the Jayhawks laid on this team last year? We're only ONE YEAR REMOVED. And Kansas has almost the exact same team. Jeez.

Tulane at Houston (-16.5)
Saturday - 7pm
--- The wheels have fallen off the bus for Tulane. They started out and played Alabama and East Carolina really close, and then everything fell apart. They're just a really bad football team. Offensively, they only score 18 points a game (and that's against teams like Rice-17, UTEP-21, and Army-13). I mean, this team got beat 44-13 by ARMY a few weeks ago. Yeah, that same shitty football team. Houston's offense is clicking (even with loss last week at a good Marshall team), and they'll hang 50 on the Green Wave. I think it won't even be near that spread.

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