Thursday, October 16, 2008  
Woooohoooo. Thursdey.
Days 'til Ole Miss: 2

Yipee Kiyae. Is that how you spell that? Hmm.

Anyway, we're getting closer to gametime. As a matter of fact, we're only 2 days away...and that's exciting, considering it's been 12 days since the Tide last played football where we could see it.

Here's a few quick hitters that could be good for Saturday's game:

  • Ole Miss ranks last in the SEC in passing defense.

  • Ole Miss has given up the most first downs in the SEC.

  • Ole MIss ranks 9th (of 12) in the SEC in rushing defense.

  • Ole Miss WR Mike Wallace's kickoff-return yardage totals for the past three games rank among the 11 top single-game performances in school history.

  • Ole Miss ranks 107th in the country in turnover margin (-6).

  • These things come back to haunt people. I placed one in there because I'm still not convinced that our special teams is THAT much better. I just don't think Kentucky was that good at exploiting it.

    Coach Saban gave Ian quite a history lesson, after Ian compared the Wildcat formation to the Single Wing from WAAAY back. Read more here.

    Kirk McNair gives us a rundown of Coach Saban's presser - here. It's long, but informative.

    Another note - Ole Miss has lost each of their last 4 games that were broadcast on CBS. Now I don't feel so bad about our record on there lately.

    Time for PICKS!!! I'm now 20-13 on the year, which is a 61% winning percentage. Not too shabby. I think we'll do better this week.

    Florida St at NC State (+11)
    TONIGHT - 7:30pm ESPN
    --- Again, I don't really like the matchup...but it's a home dog on a weeknight on ESPN. How many times can I say it?

    Ga Tech (-2.5) at Clemson
    --- Georgia Tech is really hitting on all cylinders (even though they looked crappy against Gardner Webb) and Clemson just fired their coach. This one's tough to gauge because you would think that maybe, since the team didn't really like Bowden, Clemson will start to click this week, but I have a feeling that they'll be in disarray just like Auburn was last week. Too many distractions to play against Paul Johnson's offensive attack. The Yellow Jackets may have 300+ yards rushing in this game. I expect a 2 TD victory.

    Miss St (+8) at Tennessee
    --- You've gotta wonder...why would Tennessee be favored over ANY SEC team this year? And yet, they're more than a touchdown favorite over Mississippi State, who just upset undefeated Vanderbilt, and has finally found a QB that can throw the football. This one could be all she wrote for Fat Phil - Bullies straight up over UT.

    Missouri (+6.5) at Texas
    --- Yup. The #1 team in the country at home against a team that's pissed off. I don't think that Missouri is that good, but I don't see how Texas can avoid a letdown. If the Longhorns do win, it'll be by a field goal. Honestly, I expect Chase Daniel to have a field day on the Texas secondary, which I still don't think is very good. Daniel is better than Bradford (from OU) so a little pressure is not going to throw him off as much. CD just had a bad game against OSU. I think Missou could win this one straight up.

    Idaho at Louisiana Tech (-20.5)
    --- Fresno State sucked last week...but Coach Dooley won't let us down. Less than a 3 touchdown favorite at home against the worst team in the country? After they've had to travel from Cali to Louisiana? Yeah...beatdown of epic proportions here. La Tech by 35.

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