Friday, October 24, 2008  
One more day til...
...the Orange Massacre.

Days 'til Tennessee: 1

Let's take a look at some of the stats here. We'll just go with the basics:

Tennessee's rushing defense: 96.3 ypg
Alabama's rushing offense: 209.3 ypg

Median: Alabama rushes for 153 yards.

Tennessee's passing defense: 171.3
Alabama's passing offense: 161.9

Median: Alabama passes for 167 yards.

Alabama's total yardage will be 320 yards.

Tennessee's rushing offense: 124.6 ypg
Alabama's rushing defense: 66.1 ypg

Median: Tennessee rushes for 95 yards.

Tennessee's passing offense: 171.4 ypg
Alabama's passing defense: 209.9

Median: Tennessee passes for 191 yards.

Tennessee's total yardage will be 286 yards.

Alabama's offensive ppg: 32.3 ppg
Tennessee's defensive ppg: 16.0 ppg

Alabama's score will be: 24

Tennessee's offensive ppg: 19.7 ppg
Alabama's defensive ppg: 14.4 ppg

Tennessee's score will be: 17

That's my guess. Bama 24-17. Of gut is telling me it will be closer to last year's score...but I figured I'd go with the stats in this one. Haha.

TIME FOR THE PICKS!!! It's money, baby. :-) I'm 23-15 on the year after going 3-2 again last week. I'm lookin at a 5-0 this week though. You better believe it.

Kentucky (+25.5) at Florida
Saturday - 11:30am Raycom
--- I think Florida could kill them, but we've seen what happens when Florida goes into a game as a huge favorite. Not to mention, they could be looking ahead at some revenge for next week against Georgia. Go along with another interesting stat - 18 of 25 SEC games have been decided by single digits. And the underdog has covered the spread about 80% of the time in the SEC. I'm gonna go with Kentucky to cover that many points.

Wyoming at TCU (-31)
Saturday - 5pm The Mtn.
--- Wyoming is just awful and TCU can put the beatdown on anybody. And y'know what's scary? They've got a loss to Oklahoma and are still close enough to be in on the BCS busting. Could be the first time we'll have a BCS buster with a loss. You better believe they'll thrash Wyoming, especially at home, for some style points.

Ole Miss (-6) at Arkansas
Saturday - 6pm
--- Arkansas has looked better...against Auburn and Kentucky. Not great teams. Ole Miss isn't great by any means, but I think Houston Nutt will have these guys absolutely fired up to CRUSH the Razorbacks. 2 touchdowns at least here, if not more.

UGA (+2) at LSU
Saturday - 2:30pm CBS
--- Mark Richt, in true road games, is something ridiculous like 26-4 straight up on the road since he took over. I still don't believe that LSU's line play is very good, which should just about equal out against Georgia. I think Charles Scott and Knowshon Moreno equal each other out. So then it comes down to quarterbacks and special teams. I'll give the edge to Georgia in that one. UGA pulls out a close one in the 4th quarter.

New Mexico St (-14) at Idaho
--- It's pretty much a given that I'm going to bet against Wyoming and Idaho every week. Idaho got thrashed by Louisiana Tech last week, and New Mexico State has a pretty prolific offense. I don't think the Vandals will be able to keep them off the scoreboard. The Aggies aren't that great on defense either, but Idaho is MUCH worse.

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