Sunday, September 28, 2008  
Snap, son.
"Yea, though the Crimson Tide walk through the valley of the shadow of Herschel Walker, they shall fear no Dawg. For Nick Saban, art with them. His scheme and his staff, they comfort them. He preparest a game plan for them in the face of their enemies. He cheweth their fannies at practice. Their signing class runneth over -- with five-star recruits." - Andy Staples, Sports Illustrated.

I don't even know what to say.

Do you remember January 4th, 2007? "We want to be the team that everybody hates to play." Looks like we're getting there.

Honestly, that was the most fun I've had watching a football game since...well...since last week. This team is something special. Enjoy the moment guys, because we'll lose big Andre, and Caldwell, and maybe even Terrence Cody to the NFL next season. This is an amazing group of linemen, and it won't be this way next enjoy it while you can. The ass-whipping they're putting on people is priceless, and hopefully it won't stop anytime soon.

Georgia gave us quite a bit to work with. It just proves that teams with discipline will, more times than not, come out on top. How many different times did they keep our drives going with critical penalties in the first half? It was unbelievable. They just played stupid. I think a lot of them were frustration penalties from being beaten so badly, but they still played a big part of this game. Alabama had 2 penalties for 9 yards, including one delay of game on a kickoff. Yeah, that was it.

It's really fun to just watch a team crush another team. This is what last year's LSU team should have been doing, but Les Miles is an idiot and made them look like a finesse team. Throwing the ball all over the place and not killing teams in the process. Leaving bad teams like Auburn, Alabama, Arkansas, Kentucky, etc, in the games and losing 2 of them. It was ridiculous. Saban doesn't appear to be making that mistake. What you do is dominate the other team. Take their spirit early and never give it back.

Now, you know that I don't really give a damn about polls. It doesn't matter where we're ranked right now - it only matters at the end of the season. But...since we've been given a lot of props everywhere, I'll go ahead and post what's up:

College Football News: #1
AP Poll: #2
Coaches poll: #4
CBS Sportsline: #2

Now we're waiting for the Harris Poll and the Legends Poll, and I'm hoping to find an advance BCS poll to see where we likely will be ranked. But again, who cares. Haha.

Andy Staples, from, tells UGA to say bye-bye to that national title dream, and hello to Alabama's. Good article.

Dan Wetzel, from, is curious how the rest of the SEC feels now. For the past decade, the rest of the league was out winning BCS titles, and basically rolling over the traditional kingpin of the league. And that's changed now. Read more here.

"He never looks happy. Public happiness might be construed as satisfaction, and satisfaction could lead to slacking off, and slacking off could lead to losing, and Nick Saban would rather sleep with snakes than lose." - Pat Forde,

And finally, let's get one more of these out of the way...

Ok, 24 hours is almost up. Finish up your celebrations.

Time to focus on Kentucky. This win means nothing if you don't handle business next week.

Comments: Harris says #3, after Oklahoma and (surprisingly) LSU.
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# posted by Blogger Mac : 4:42 PM   Good for AP poll voters to award Bama a No. 2 ranking, thanks to the top spot on 21 of 65 ballots. Curses to the USA Today voters who lifted the Tide only to No. 4, with a lone first-place ballot. Me, I would not hesitate placing the Tide No. 1.

For more, check out
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