Friday, September 26, 2008  
One more day!
Days 'til Georgia: 1

Yes. 1 day. That's all.

Stakes just got bigger. We control our own destiny now. Just gotta go out there, one game at a time, and take care of business. Easier said than done.

Coach makes it well-known that it's not that Georgia will try to trick us with anything...they just do what they can to out-execute us. And that's how you beat them. You have to out-execute them. Read more here.

All this talk about Bama being back is getting on my nerves. Just go out and win the damn football game, then we'll talk. Haha.

Is the 2nd season for coaches in the SEC really that magical? Read and judge for yourself.

Holy smokes. Did you know Coach Richt is 1-5 against the spread at home when coming off consecutive road games? Who cares. Still fun to read though.

Even the New York Post is talking about Bama vs UGA. Cool deal.

So...I didn't think Oregon St would actually pull out the game last night...but I didn't pick them plus the 25.5 points, so that makes me 11-7 on the season. I'm down with it. Here's hoping the rest of the weekend goes that way.

Also, the boys from the Bulldawg Blawg have posted a response to my original post, which you can find at their site. Here's how they think they game will go.

"f you're a Bama fan, you're probably wondering what's going on this week. Why is Georgia wearing black? Why is Mark Richt making fun of my coach? I think there's two valid answers to these questions. Answer one is that Mark Richt does not like Nick Saban. I think it started with the SEC Championship Game in 2003. One might say that Saban's LSU Tigers ran up the score on the Georgia Bulldogs. Richt and Georgia have not lost to a Saban coached team since that game. The other answer is that you aren't just dealing with Mark Richt this week. You're dealing with Evil Richt. Evil Richt is somewhat of a new phenomenon. As a Georgia fan, I was not aware that Evil Richt existed until last season. Many people think he first poked his head out by ordering his team to celebrate in Jacksonville, but I disagree. Just the opposite. Evil Richt first appeared when his team got too excited about beating Vanderbilt. This is Georgia. We don't get excited about beating Vanderbilt.

So for you Bama fans, I'd be less worried about black jerseys, and more worried about what Evil Richt is going to do on Saturday. He'll be all over the refs. He'll get his defensive players fired up and ready to get after John Parker Wilson. He'll have his receivers ready to torch your secondary, and Knowshon ready to jump over your defense. Not just one player. Your entire defense.

I've seen Bama fans saying that Georgia is using the black jerseys to pump themselves up. "They're looking for motivation," says Bama fan 1. "They need this to get fired up, " says Bama fan 2. With all that talk, I think it shows one thing. Bama is thinking about the jerseys. If you're talking about it, you're thinking about it. Evil Richt is in your head already.

But in all seriousness, I think this is could be a great game. More along the lines of the 2002 game than 2003 or 2007 even. Both teams thrive on running the ball and stopping the run. Even though I don't believe Jack Nicholson or Diane Keaton will be in attendance...something's gotta give. Here's to hoping it's Bama's defense that will give.

Go Dawgs!

Disgusting, I know. I'm REALLY looking forward to this game.

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