Monday, September 29, 2008  
Next game.
Days 'til Kentucky: 5

Time to keep moving. The Georgia game was days ago. Kentucky is next on the slate, and this isn't a bad team that we're playing on Saturday.

The rest of the world is focused on a possible stock market crash, and the college football world is focused on Coach Saban's quick turnaround in Tuscaloosa. But, do you know what the Tide players are focused on?


Yup. Kentucky. Last year they knocked LSU from the ranks of the unbeaten. They've got a heckuva defense, and a good offensive line. They're good on both sides of the ball. We'll need to execute to perfection to make sure that we come out ahead in this ballgame. Remember, after that win last week, that means it's just a bigger target on our backs.

So, let's take a look at Kentucky, shall we?

Well, first off, I think we're a little bit more serious about football. If you take a look today at, the premier Kentucky sports blog, you'll notice that the first article on the page isn't talking about this weekend's showdown, or last weekend's win over Western Kentucky. It's talking about the new distance of the 3-point line in college basketball. Yes, basketball. In the middle of football season, with their team 4-0 and facing the #2 team in the country on the road. Basketball.

So that's a comforting thought. However, the football team will not be thinking about basketball this week. They'll be thinking about how to beat our beloved Tide.

We don't seem to have too many issues on the injury front (knock on wood), but Kentucky will be without a few players.

The Wildcats possibly best defensive player, Micah Johnson, is doubtful for this weekend. He missed last week's game against Western Kentucky with a high-ankle sprain, and they don't believe he'll be ready to go. Read more on his injury and wha he means to the team here.

Further down in the article you'll also learn that they'll also be without right tackle Justin Jeffries, who has made 17 straight starts for that offensive line, due to an MCL sprain.

Also possibly out for the game is starting strong safety Ashton Cobb, who was arrested and charged last week with second-degree stalking, third-degree terroristic threatening, and harassing communications by his ex-girlfriend. Coach Rich Brooks said he was suspended from the University, so we don't know if he'll be back this week or not.

Their QB is Mike Hartline. The kid has thrown 3 TDs to only 1 interception, and has a completion percentage of 58.5 percent. He's thrown for 633 yards in the first 4 ballgames, which means he hasn't had to throw much at all to win these games.

They've beaten some pretty bad football teams. Their defense has been laying the wood, but here's the slate so far:

@ Louisville - 27-2
Norfolk St - 38-3
Middle Tenn St - 20-14
Western Kentucky - 41-3

Not exactly any barn burners there. I'm curious why the Middle Tennessee St game was so close.

They're averaging 170 yards per game on the ground, including a nice 4.5 ypc average. Their D is only giving up 72 yards per game on the ground, with a lofty 2.5 ypc average there. Looks shockingly like Alabama's numbers. However, the difference lies within the teams you've played.

I don't believe Kentucky has been tested yet, but they sure do look good on paper. We'll need a complete effort to beat this football team.

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