Friday, September 19, 2008  
Killin time.
Days 'til Arkansas: 1

That's right. Only one day til Killin' Time. Straight up.

Bill Stewart is like Mike DuBose. Inherited talent, but is a buffoon, and there's no two ways about it. That game last night was miserable. Have you ever seen something so idiotic happening right before your eyes that you just wanted to stab your own eyes out so you wouldn't have to watch it? It's like a train just can't stop watching, even though you've seen it before and you know it's horrible and disgusting and all that. me, the West Virginia game was that bad last night. It was so obvious who had the talent on that field. The Mountaineers should have won that game by 3 touchdowns, and yet, their coach let them down. That entire staff should be ashamed...but they can't, because they're too stupid to realize where they screwed up.

The last two minutes of regulation were filled with me screaming obscenities in an empty house at a coaching staff thousands of miles away. I felt like an idiot...but then, I realized that they're the idiots. Not one person on that staff took charge of the situation, and Bill Stewart was clueless. It was insane to watch it unfold like that. Even Erin Andrews' sideline report was hysterical. She said nobody on that sideline had a clue what was going on. Nobody was keeping up with the clock. Nobody knew anything. It was utter mayhem at its highest level.

And it drove my record to 6-7 on the year. Boo to you, Bill Stewart. Eat me.

Arkansas and Bama is first on the docket in the morning, which means I get to start drinking early. That's always a good thing. I'm curious what the Arkansas fans are going to have for my boy Leigh Tiffin. Hope it's not too outrageous.

I would have to assume that we're going to keep the offense close to the vest in this one as well. Nothing too dramatic. Just run the football, keep the clock moving, pull out a win by a couple of touchdowns. Don't let it get out of hand, but don't let it get too close for comfort. We want the Bulldogs to think of us as just a methodical pound-it-ground-game team.

But enough about that game...we've gotta win this game first.

We haven't gotten a lot of interceptions so far this year, but I look for that to change tomorrow. Casey Dick has thrown for 600+ yards in 2 ballgames...but he wasn't pressured. You better believe he'll be pressured tomorrow. Anytime he was pressured under Nutt, he cracked. We could end up with 4 or more picks tomorrow, which could make it a blowout anyway. We'll just have to see.

Comments: Man you were right on about Dick throwing a up bunch of picks. Last year was when I started reading your blog and I remember you had great pre game assessments. Here is another one. INTs are great but they are evern better when they = a touchdown. So it was a blow out. Love how we run that ball. And again the defense held firm when it needed to: great goal line stand to end the first half! Great win on the road.
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