Sunday, September 21, 2008  
Just another manic monday...
Days 'til Georgia: 5

Well, they're having to pull out the "motivational tools" to try and beat us. That's a good thing because, in my opinion, that means we're in their heads already. Coach Mark Richt has announced that the game Saturday would be Georgia's 2nd ever blackout. Incase you didn't catch it last year, this is what it looked like.

Yeah, it looks cool, but to me, when you have to rely on gimmicks, or other kinds of motivation other than believing you can whip the person across from you, you've already lost half of the battle. But each his own. It worked last year in beatdowns over Auburn (45-20) and Hawaii (41-10). We'll see if it works against The Legend though.

Y'know, it makes me feel good when I see where our coaching staff isn't just satisfied with a victory. Coach Saban said there's plenty that we need to work on, and I believe the players agree. Read more here.

Alabama has jumped to #7 in the Legends poll, #8 in the AP, #9 in the, and #10 in the Coaches polls. None of that matters because if we win this week, we'll jump several teams, and if we lose, we'll drop. But it's always fun to see your name in the top 10.

You've gotta like the fact that the guys are excited about playing Georgia. They're focused, but they seem confident. Not overconfident, but confident. Read more here.

Auburn's coaching staff and players almost acted like they won the game Saturday. Ridiculous. Read their comments from after the game here.

As far as the picks go, I went 4-1 on my actual picks (and 5-0 in the ones that I "felt good about"). The only one I missed was West Virginia, and you can bet I won't make that mistake again. Haha. Either way, my total picks are 10-7 against the spread this year. Not too shabby. Now, If I can just go 4-1 again this week.

Oh, and just so you guys know, I will NEVER be picking Alabama games. I did that a few years ago and it bit me...not to mention I don't want to jinx the boys. Hope you guys have a great Monday!

Comments: Let them wear their black. That's the perfect color for their funeral. I don't think people fully understand just how physical Bama is this year. Look for both the O line and D line to dominate. For this reason, Bama by 17. Roll Tide!!!!!
# posted by Blogger fifth_beatle : 9:55 AM   Roll Tide and bring on the dogs. I just hope we don't get away from the run and keep pounding the ball with Coffee abd Ingram. I don't think Ingram has played in the second half the last two games. I guess Saban is trying to keep him fresh so he doesn't end up like a lot of true freshmen and hitting the wall before the year ends.
# posted by Blogger walker : 2:27 PM   Generally speaking....people wear black to the funerals of other people.

Not their own. ;-)

BTW -- There's a difference between having to rely on gimmicks and enjoying the gimmicks because they are fun as hell.

Do you really think we needed a gimmick to beat Hawaii?
# posted by Blogger Paul Westerdawg : 10:35 AM   Your mistake was in presuming these people think at all, Paul. I generally have enjoyed the UGA-Bama games in the past. I was in Tuscaloosa in 2002 and also last year. Had a fine time both times, though '02 was hot as Hades. However, when you people have won a game or two you are insufferable. You have beaten a pedestrian Clemson team from a pedestrian conference. You almost tripped up against Tulane for chrissakes. Its easy to be physical when you outmatch your opponents athlete-to-athlete. Lets see how much your lines of scrimmage bully UGA players of similar size and skill. Lets see how your hogs handle the speed and strength of 33 and 35. Lets see your DB's cover our true freshman WR who leads the conference in receiving (doubling up your supposed #1 WR recruit). This game will be a lot of fun. But make no mistake, we dont need to "Blackout" for motivation. We need to do it because it is a heck of a lot of fun for fans and players. The last time Coach Saban came calling in Sanford Stadium with a team likely more talented than the one you field now, he left town with his tail between his legs having surrendered almost 50 points. Here's to a repeat performance.
# posted by Anonymous Anonymous : 2:45 PM   I love you guys. :-) Here's to a good game on Saturday night.
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 9:52 PM   Post a Comment

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