Wednesday, September 17, 2008  
Hump day, baby.
Days 'til Arkansas: 3

Ahh yes. There's a subplot brewing. The Legend of Terrence Cody against All-SEC, All-World center, Johnathan Luigs. That should be one hell of a battle in the trenches. Read more here. I love how, when they asked him who the best center he's faced is, he said Antoine Caldwell. Now that's what I'm talkin about.

This will be a lot of the freshmen's first road game. That's big. Biggest thing is that there's about 10 freshmen that will contribute. And if you think they'll be nervous or anxious or anything - wrong. It's just business. Read more here and here. Arenas said it best - "this freshman class...they're a different breed man."

Mal Moore was in California the other day talking about the Tide to some of the West Coast fans about what's happening in Tide football, and he reminded them that we've still got a long ways to go. This year, health equals depth, but in the future, that won't be such a huge issue. Read more here.

Man. More than 85% of the public bets have been on Alabama, making the line -9.5 for Saturday. I hate going with the public like that. Here's hoping we pull this one out as easily as everyone says we will.

Mark McCarter sees how excited the Alabama players are, and how they're still in working mode. It's business, my friends.

I didn't realize this, but Coach Saban promises jersey numbers to recruits, if he can make it work. That's pretty smart, to be honest. It can create a logistical nightmare, but it makes them happy and keeps something important to them.

The Tide is 23 / 42 for 54.8% on 3rd downs this year, including JPW being 18 / 28 for 64.3% throwing the ball on 3rd down. That's pretty incredible considering we were 10th in the SEC last year at 37.9%. What a difference a new OC can make, even in the first 3 games of the year. Read more here.

Trent Richardson is the U.S. Army All-American Bowl player of the week this week after rushing 29 times for 419 yards and 6 touchdowns. Yeah...the real deal, boss.'s picks time! And yeah...I don't have a pick out on Louisville and Kansas State tonight. If I had to lean one way, I'd say Louisville will cover +4.5...but they looked awful against Kentucky early on. We'll see.

Comments: With Marc Ingram already in the backfield as a freshman - this guys only hope is to sit two years and then start as a junior - but I'm sure Saban has promised immediate playing time! Incredible that he's chosen Alabama with the 4man rotation that we already have, knowing his playing time will be limited! It's a feather in Saban's recruiting hat for sure! Looking back at Rivals ratings for the years prior to Saban's hiring is amazing the depth of talent from then until now! I've heard it said that you can't make chicken salad out of chicken #$%@!
# posted by Blogger JC : 3:11 PM   I think you'll be surprised where Richardson ends up in the rotation. Don't get me wrong...Ingram's awesome...but Richardson is better.

We'll see what happens. :-)
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 11:32 AM   Richardson has already been compared to Shaun Alexander. That's gonna be an awesome backfield.
# posted by Blogger Chris : 8:28 AM   Post a Comment

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