Friday, August 15, 2008  
Well now...
Days 'til Kickoff: 15

Y'know, I didn't figure it would be that big of a deal. Y'know, Coach Saban getting the cover of Forbes magazine.

But hell, ESPN was all over it, the goobs on sports radio were talking about it, and nobody got it right. They don't understand what the point of the conversation was.

We're not talking about who the BEST coach is. We're not talking about who is the most suave individual and all that. The term "The most powerful coach in sports" is talking about how much control Nick Saban has at the University of Alabama. It really irritates me that the talking heads want to talk about Pete Carroll and Urban Meyer, etc. Those guys don't do as much for their University as Nick Saban does. Saban handles EVERYTHING in the football program at Alabama. If he wanted to fire the janitor, he can. Charlie Weis, Pete Carroll, Urban Meyer...none of those guys can do that. That's just the way this thing goes, which is why Saban earned the title. He does everything at Alabama, including fund raising, etc. He WANTS that power, and Dr. Witt and Mal were happy to oblige in giving it to him.

If you'd like another example of a guy showing how much of an idiot he really is, take a look at Kevin Scarbinsky's latest article. He apparently didn't read the write-up in Forbes before going off on his dumbass opinion. This guy really does make himself look bad. It's actually kinda funny. Again - Saban is powerful because of the amount of control he was given at his University. That's just all there is to it.

Anyway, enough about that. The helmet clash was a disaster. Florida State opened the flood gates on us. 11 million votes? My ass. Haha. But, alas, it's over, and the Criminoles were victorious, just like last September. I guess it is what it is. 2nd place is always the first loser...but at least we weren't the last loser. That woulda sucked.

I'm goin to see Kid Rock on Sunday night. I'm actually pretty excited about it. I'll be honest...I don't really dig his old stuff...but if he plays most of the stuff on this new record, I'll be happy with it. Roll On is probably my favorite song at the moment. Makes me feel good, y'know?

Tana Patrick suffered a knee injury, and it looks like he could be out for a while. They said he planted and his knee buckled. They knew immediately that something was BAD wrong. Read more here. I would expect him to commit fairly soon now, so as to not miss out on a spot here.

Well, where we were told a few weeks ago that it didn't look like the Virginia Tech game was going to work, we have news that the game may be a go. There's a few kinks to work out, but the biggest hurdle, which was finding somebody to take our spot on Tulane's schedule. BYU has filled that need, so we can move Florida International to week 2, and we can open the first game against VaTech. We'll know more in the early part of the season. Read more here.

Comments: There are a couple of places at Gulf Shores, but most of the garb there is beach related... try Souvenir City (the one with the big shark for a door) My wife got me a couple of Bama Shot Glasses there... And DONT forget to go to the Original Oyster House and at night, Hit the FloraBama.

BTW, I am from Gulf Shores.

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