Thursday, August 14, 2008  
I'm worthless
Days 'til Kickoff: 16

Jeeeeez. Are you serious? No update in a week? Yeah, I'm a pathetic excuse for a blogger nowadays.

Aside from that, how have you been? Hopefully your week has been great. My little girl turned 3 on Monday, and wanna talk about spoiled. I've never seen a kid get so many toys for a birthday. She's lucky...her birthday is right in the middle of the year, away from Easter and Christmas and all that jazz. The better half and I both have birthdays in early January, right after birthdays never brought a TON of gifts, unlike Dylan's. Haha. Either way, it was a blast. She got to go to Chuck E Cheese, and that's always a sight to behold. She didn't go to sleep until midnight that night. Ridiculous.

As far as the band goes, we're working on some things for the fall, but not coming up with very much. We're trying to book every Saturday this fall in a different city (places that have TVs for me to watch the games, of course), but I'm not having a ton of luck with it. Turns out that places really only want to book cover bands. Kinda stupid, if you ask me. It's tough to make it on original material. But, if you start doing covers so you can travel and get your name out there, the music industry loses respect for you. Stupid. Oh well...that's the life of a musician, I guess. It's never easy.

Next up, Bama football.

I got my Tulane tix in the mail the other day, and I am some kinda excited. Seriously, we're only 16 days away from Bama and Clemson, which means only 2 weeks away from the first college football game. I've got UTEP (+3) over Buffalo in the first game, and Vandy (+3) over Miami (OH) in the next. I think I'm gonna end up taking South Carolina (-11) over NC State just because of how much the line has dropped already. It opened at -14.5 and has dropped to 11. Either way, how cool is it that we're already talking about lines.

Not to mention the fact that I'm only 14 days away from goin to the beach. Haha. That's awesome.

Speaking of, does anyone know if there are any good Bama merch stores down in Gulf Shores? Just curious.

Sam Burnthall quit the team yesterday. That puts us down to 82 scholarship athletes. Not sure if that includes Colin Peek or not. Regardless of that, the guys that can't hang are dropping like flies. That's definitely a good thing. Get the dead weight off the team.

Coach Saban got the cover of Forbes magazine, which is pretty damn cool. You wanna talk about some publicity for our football team? There ya go. Since he's been here, he's gotten the cover of SI and Forbes, has been on Sportscenter probably over 100 times, and has the Alabama PR machine rolling. EVERYBODY knows who we are again, and that's a good thing.

Todd had a genious idea last night.

From now on, he will be known as The Legend of Terrence Cody. I'm down with that. This guy is freakin unbelievable. He's exactly what we needed. Ridiculously awesome.

Other than that, practice has looked good. Nobody was in black yesterday, other than QBs, which means no injuries. Unlike our buddies over at Clemson, who have had players getting hurt on a regular basis. Their starting defensive tackle, the main cog of their line, is done for the rest of year, and they had a couple of guys break their hands this week. Just freak stuff. As Coach Saban said, "Knock on wood" that we don't have anything pop up.

They announce the winner of the helmet clash today on College Football Live, which comes on at 2:30 CST on ESPN. I'm curious to see who won this thing, because the voting was only up on Tuesday. I know I voted like a SOB, as I hope everyone else did.

In the meanwhile, go listen to some ETID and have a good rest of the day!

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