Thursday, August 21, 2008  
Give me one reason...
Days 'til Kickoff: 9
Days 'til I hit the beach: 7

Awwww yeah. This time next week, I'll be hitting the beach with my family - my girl, my daughter, and my lil brother. Pretty cool, right? I can't WAIT, man.

I know I keep talking about the beach...but if you hadn't been on vacation in like 5 years, you'd probably be doing the same thing. Haha.

We're getting close to time for Saban to decide who to redshirt and who not to. I have a feeling we're not going to see many redshirts this year. We need the depth - not to mention these guys are more talented than the other guys we have on the roster.

Speaking of the roster - we expanded the roster yesterday with walk-ons, etc. Included were Will Oakley and Johnathan Lowe, who were not on the original roster. Also, Leigh Tiffin and PJ Fitzgerald were awarded scholarships, along with Tyrone King, whose teammates think the world of.

Another future opponent on the schedule could be the Samford Bulldogs, according to Mike Perrin. I think I dig that idea. Pat Sullivan, the head coach, is an Auburn guy, so we could beat two Aubies in the same year. Also, it's nice to help out the in-state schools with guarantees and games like that, as opposed to helping out schools like Western Kentucky and Arkansas State. Makes a lot more sense. That's why Saban played Louisiana Tech and Tulane, etc, while he was at LSU.

My boy over at the Capstone Report goes into detail about why Auburn has adopted the spread offense - because they can't recruit. You can get guys that can run that aren't heavily recruited and still run a decent offense. The biggest problem is that you begin to lose out on big time talent because the spread doesn't translate to the NFL. Hence why Auburn has already lost out on 5* running back Enrique Davis to Ole Miss this past year. Read up on it - it's good stuff.

Comments: Bama did a great job with the scholarships. They sure waited till the last second. Saban is going to be trying out a lot of freshmen all through the season, except Julio, he's a sure thing.
# posted by Blogger Dustin : 12:35 AM   Funny, you dogged Auburn in two different spots there - saying by beating Samford you could beat two in one year, and also by saying that they can't recruit.

Haven't they beat you six years running? Maybe you should play Samford so you can beat (hopefully) one Aubie a year.
# posted by Blogger Pelican State Sports : 8:23 AM   Today is a Bama on The Bluff (Memphis) Alumni Assoc golf tourney & lunch. Why don't you ever mention the goings on with the local fan base? If nothing else, add a link to their website to your blog.
# posted by Blogger Paula Bice : 11:08 AM   Because, honestly, I had no idea it was going on. Hit me up with an e-mail whenever something like that is going on! are so very annoying. :-)
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 2:20 PM   Post a Comment

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