Thursday, July 24, 2008  
I haven't laughed this hard...
Days 'til Kickoff: 37

I haven't laughed this hard in forever. So, I'm sitting in my car this morning, on my way from one office to the other, and I'm listening to George Lapides and Stats Norsworthy on Sports56. They're getting ready to bring on Phillip Fulmer, and a guy wearing Notre Dame garb walks around and gives everyone a copy of the subpoena that was served to Phil Fulmer earlier in the morning. Talk about everyone being in shock. That was the best few minutes of radio that I have heard in quite some time.

Apparently, Fulmer has not even looked at the document, and didn't know what it was for. It was given to him as his car pulled into the parking lot at the Wynfrey Hotel this morning and he just threw it in the car. I found it incredibly entertaining that it's for 2 days before the Vols play at Auburn, which is a game that could find the Vols at 2-2, which would be a make or break game, much like 2005.

I had to laugh when I heard what the subpoena was for - Wendell Smith's case against the NCAA is still ongoing, and if this case proves that there was a conspiracy between Tennessee and the NCAA, then you can bet your ass that Tommy Gallion will be right back to his old tricks. This deposition is incredibly important on September 25th, and for anyone that thought this was just going to go away, you were sadly mistaken.

Now, I must take to task some members of the Sports56 crew who were at the game. And one person, in particular, who claims to be an Alabama football fan (but is a North Carolina basketball fan). Towards the end of the "Middays" show, they talked about how disrespectful and stupid it was to have Fulmer served at SEC Media days, and that it's ridiculous that this is still going on, and that Alabama fans need to just let it go. The best way to get back at Tennessee is to whip their ass on the field because we can't get those scholarships or those years back.

What our friend Will, and Rob, and Greg need to realize is that when Fulmer played tattle-tail, he ruined the lives of a few individuals. His work with the NCAA left several people without work, and those guys do, in fact, have a case, and once this thing is finished, they'll get what is owed to them. This isn't just Alabama fans that Fulmer got in trouble. He actually left people without work, who can't get a job now, who were doing this for a long long time and don't know how to do anything else. And honestly, even thought Wendell is still well off, there's also the case of people just wanting to clear their good name, and they'll go down swingin. People like this have the money to be able to go to war with somebody like Fat Phil, and they won't stop until he's hurting somewhere.

You can go ahead and claim that people like Wendell, and Ronnie Cottrell, and whoever else was involved with this mess, deserve everything that happened to them. Put people like Phillip Fulmer don't deserve to get off free. Karma is a bitch, and something is going to go down. Today's events may have opened up a whole 'nother round of Tommy Gallion and his wonderful bag of tricks.

Roll Tide, my friends. Hahaahaha.

oh, and here's the subpoena.


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