Monday, July 14, 2008  
Awwww yeah. I'm feelin good dude.
Days 'til Kickoff: 47

Got my Alabama / Tulane tickets this morning. Feeling pretty good about it. I've sat everywhere in that stadium except for the upper deck above "the zone" and now I get to do that. Should be fun.

The Bleacher Report goes over the top 10 SEC Defenses of the past 15 years. Guess who's number 1? Haha.

Not sure if you guys are as big into Lynyrd Skynyrd as I am, but I enjoy reading stories about Ronnie Van Zant and Allen Collins because those guys were real. They defined rock n roll. Anyway, here's a good one about Ronnie stepping on a snake when he got home from fishin' one day and here's another one about Allen, Gary, and Ronnie all goin huntin with their friend Gene. Good stuff.

More from the Bleacher Report - of course, this article is by a Bama fan. I like the way that he does the games in 4 different sets of 3. He does a rundown of the entire season here.

Antoine Caldwell will be one of 22 student athletes that will write a blog for the Sporting News this fall. It will begin July 23rd. Read more here.

Coach Saban talked about future non-conference games and how playing good teams will only make you better. Penn State is already on the schedule, and they're working with Virginia Tech and Florida State for other games in the future. Read more here.

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The answer to the question is Claude Hamner

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This will be coach’s last public appearance.

I have wanted to do something very special for “Coach” Leonard Skinner for a while now. Little Leonard recently advised me that “Coaches” health is failing. So I have decided that the sooner the better. I checked with Morocco Shriners Temple and the only available time until next year would fall on Oct. 17, 2008. I knows this falls on our Bus Tour weekend. The bus tour weekend is still happening!!!! Nothing has changed! We will still be having the meet and greet. However, this tribute will be the same night, because of the availability of Morocco Shriner’s Temple as well as the “Coach’s declining health.
I will offer to all members of 1st dib on $20.00 a ticket for the “COACH’S ” TRIBUTE AND LAST AND FINAL PUBLIC APPEARANCE for 2 weeks only. These tickets can be purchased from . Those tickets purchased 1st will have front tables at the tribute. Then Classic Rock 105 will begin advertising the event and selling tickets to the public. Which more than likely will be a sold out event.
JoJo Billingsley and Leslie Hawkins will be on hand for the event. Other special guests to be announced at a latter date.
There will be chances sold for RONNIE VAN ZANT’S hat that he wore on the original “flames” Street Survivors album. However, there will be a reserve put on it. I will not let the hat go for a mere nothing.
The Morocco Shrine Temple in Jacksonville, Fl is located off St. Johns Bluff Road between Jacksonville and Jacksonville Beach off of Beach Blvd.. Morocco Shrines are just as excited as we are about this legendary event that I have come up with and honored to be a part of. There will be food, drinks and alcohol for purchase from the Shrines Temple if desired.
So, if you want an up front table to a tribute for “Coach” Leonard Skinner’s final public appearance, here’s your chance!!
I will be telling the true story behind the plane crash. Some facts that have never been revealed. Pure untold Gene Odom’s crash story. The Lynyrd Skynyrd airplane crash story, Hopefully this will clear up some of the rumors and myths that others have told for years.
Again, this forum will have 1st dibs on these tickets for 2 weeks only then when the public hears about it from Classic Rock 105, it will then be to each his own. If still available.

Gene Odom
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