Thursday, July 17, 2008  
Ahhh...the round table...
Days 'til Kickoff: 44

The Third Saturday in Blogtober is hosting this week's I figured we'd play along.

What record would you consider "sufficient progress" in the coming season?

I would say 7-5 would be sufficient progress. I don't have my expectations too high, and 7 wins means we get a win somewhere either on the road, or against Auburn or Clemson. I'll take any of those things.

Does college football need a playoff? Why?

I say it needs a 4-team playoff. Basically just the plus-one format. I can see it happening, and relatively soon, where 3 or 4 teams will go undefeated in a season, and without the plus-one, there's no real way to determine who exactly is the best team. I don't think we need some long drawn-out 8 or 16 team playoff, but a plus one would be hella cool.

If you’re an Alabama fan and a native Alabamian, then more than likely you became a fan sometime between conception and the cutting of the cord, but what moment do you remember best as being "the moment" that you became an active participant in your fandom?

I remember when I was 6 years old, Alabama was playing at Ole Miss in a game that was moved to the Jackson Coliseum in Jackson, MS. This was in 1989. I was a huge Gary Hollingsworth fan because, of course, he had the same name as me (Gary). I remember the score being 21-0 Ole Miss in the first quarter before we really got comfortable in our seats, and then the Tide offense went on a rampage. Alabama ended up winning 62-27 that day. Ever since then, I've been fully active as a Tide supporter. I'm 25 now, so that should tell you something. I'm goin on 2 decades.

What rule change would you most like see implemented?

The one I wanted is being implemented this year. If you use your challenge, and you get it right, you get it back, but you can't challenge more than 2 plays a game. If you get the first challenge wrong, then you lose your challenge and a timeout. I like it.

If you follow gambling like me, you'll dig some of these early lines. Clemson -5 over Alabama, Ole Miss -10 over Memphis, and USC -18 at Virginia. If you wanna see some more early lines, read more here.

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