Monday, June 23, 2008  
Long time comin...
Days 'til Kickoff: 68

Wow. 68 days? Really? I'm down with that. Not too far off. Only 3 weeks until single game tickets go onsale. I think I'm gonna go to a simple game this year. Possible Western Kentucky. Something easy, where there's not just a miserable amount of people. We shall see though.

George Carlin passed away yesterday at the age of 71. It's a cruel world, and he was one of the few that could make you forget about how cruel it really is. Rest in peace, Mr. Carlin.

There's been a lot of stuff happen over the past few days. We'll try and knock out as much of it as possible.

Finebaum, who is a huge Nick Saban fan, bought into the ESPN hoopla and wrote an article on Saturday that has no real point - complete with quotes from the hypocrite Tom Luginbill. The article, "No. 1 Class loses players and its luster" is ridiculous for several reasons. If you look at the kids that Alabama has gotten into school already, the ones that have already enrolled, they would still be considered the #1 class in the country, regardless of whether or not Brandon Lewis, Kerry Murphy, or the baseballers ever arrived on campus. I'm pretty sure that our '08 class will more than match up with any others in the country. To think that this class has lost any of its luster due to a few kids not qualifying is just asinine.

Mike Marrow, a 6'2" 240lbs power running back from Toledo, committed to the University of Alabama over the weekend. He will likely play multiple positions - linebacker, fullback, and tailback in some sets. Coach Saban really likes him as a power running back, so I would assume that's where he'll spend the bulk of his time. Short yardage, my friend.

Lionel Mitchell, another 5th year senior, will go on medical scholarship and his career is over at the Capstone due to chronic back pain. If I had to wager, I would bet there's nothing wrong with his back. I think Saban gave him the option of either playing hurt or just getting cut. Now, don't get mad at me for thinking this, but when we signed this recruiting class, we only had room for about 16 or 17 incoming kids. My father and I talked for a while about how most of the 5th year seniors left over from Shula's days would be gone. Especially a cornerback that gave up the game winning touchdown pass in overtime to Georgia (there's a reason he didn't play the next week against Florida State). If you look at the roster, there's not many of them left, and there could be more casualties before August (look for Will Oakley and Zeke Knight to go on medical scholarship as well). If you had any questions as to how to play the numbers game, Coach Saban gave you your answer.

The New York Times really knows what they're talking about when it comes to Tennessee football. Check out their football blog "The Quad." The link will take you to their preview of Arkansas State's season - read the "Tidbit" section. Haha.

AJ McCarron showed out and ESPN took notice. Read more here and watch the videos here.

I have successfully slacked for 8 business days. I haven't put up any Stallings games in that long, which means, of course, that we get to finish up the entire 1992 National Championship season today. I'll only put up small bios for each game, so you won't have to spend all day reading. Haha.

COACH STALLINGS: game #30 - Alabama 37 at Tulane 0 - New Orleans, LA - 10/10/92

Whipping boys from the Bayou. Yeah.

Overall Stallings record: 24-6

COACH STALLINGS: game #31 - Alabama 17 at Tennessee 10 - Knoxville, TN - 10/17/92

I remember this one well. Just a team on a mission. That's all you can say. I remembered Heath Shuler getting knocked silly several times in this game. At one instance he tried to stand up after getting hit, and his knees buckled, and he came crashing back to the ground. Classic.

Overall Stallings record: 25-6

COACH STALLINGS: game #32 - Ole Miss 10 at Alabama 37 - Tuscaloosa, AL - 10/24/92

Whipping boys from the Bayou. Yeah.

Overall Stallings record: 26-6

COACH STALLINGS: game #33 - Alabama 31 at LSU 11 - Baton Rouge, LA - 11/7/92

Whipping boys from the Bayou. Again.

Overall Stallings record: 27-6

COACH STALLINGS: game #34 - Alabama 30 at Mississippi State 21 - Starkville, MS - 11/14/92

Jackie Sherrill had the Bulldogs ready to play in this one. It was a tough ballgame, and was actually a pretty good defensive battle (aside from all the scoring), but in the end, the Tide did what they needed to win.

Overall Stallings record: 28-6

COACH STALLINGS: game #35 - Auburn 0 at Alabama 17 - Birmingham, AL - 11/26/92

This game was a 0-0 tie at the half and it looked like Auburn might be the ones to finally knock off the Tide, but Antonio Langham's interception return down the sideline for a touchdown finally broke it open and allowed Alabama some breathing room to execute. The final score was closer than you would think.

Overall Stallings record: 29-6

COACH STALLINGS: game #36 - Alabama 28 at Florida 21 - Birmingham, AL - 12/5/92

Florida had the ball with just a few minutes left with the game tied at 21. The most memorable moment of that entire season, for me, was watching Shane Matthews grab his head after throwing that pass, and watching Langham return the pick for a touchdown and a 28-21 victory and a berth in the national title game.

Overall Stallings record: 30-6

COACH STALLINGS: game #37 - Alabama 34 vs Miami 13 - New Orleans, LA - 1/1/93

You remember this game. You've seen the plays. Tommy Johnson for a touchdown. George Teague interception for a touchdown. Sherman Williams duck dance after running for a touchdown. Teague running down Miami's wideout and then taking the ball from him. Copeland and Curry sacking Torreta like he was a freakin' stuffed doll. Then, the team carrying Coach Stallings off of the field. This was a beatdown of epic proportions. And it was perfect.

Overall Stallings record: 31-6

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