Tuesday, June 10, 2008  
Awww yeah.
Days 'til Kickoff: 81

That's right, my friends. Quinton Dial committed on Sunday. He actually showed up on campus to commit to Kevin Steele in person. Now that's committed, man. The kid is a beast. 6'6" 307lbs defensive tackle who still has room to grow. Scary thought. Read more on him here and here.

Kenny Stabler was arrested early Sunday morning and was charged with driving under the influence. The University of Alabama released a short statement from athletic director Mal Moore, who took the classy route and decided that, since he doesn't know everything about what happened, he can't comment on it. However, Kevin Scarbinsky declares that, if he's guilty, the University should go ahead and fire Snake from the booth. I don't exactly agree with that.

Melvin Ray has opted to play professional baseball instead of football for the immediate future, which puts our numbers way down from the 33 that signed initially. Sounds good to me. And anybody that didn't think Coach Saban knew what he was doing...you can wipe the egg off your face now.

Finebaum looks to the message boards to figure out what everyone thinks about Coach Saban giving a $1M donation to the scholarship fund at Alabama. And boy did he find some crazy stuff. Read more here.

COACH STALLINGS: game #27 - Alabama 38 at Arkansas 11 - Little Rock, AR - 9/19/92

Soon to be President Bill Clinton was on hand for this beat down. There isn't much else to say about it. It was humiliating. Kinda cool that Joe Kines was coaching though.

Overall Stallings record: 21-6

COACH STALLINGS: game #28 - Louisiana Tech 0 at Alabama 13 - Birmingham, AL - 9/26/92

This was another one of those games where the offense just didn't feel like showing up. Our only touchdown on the day was from David Palmer's punt return in the 2nd half, which gave us a good cushion for the rest of the ballgame.

Overall Stallings record: 22-6

Comments: Why would you not agree to firing Stabler from the booth if he's found guilty? Three DUI arrests now? He's embarassed us enough. It's time he faces the consequences of his actions. Read Jeff Shultz's Tuesday Countdown for more.
# posted by Blogger Charlie : 11:41 AM   I am as big of an Alabama fan as they come, but this guy should be done. You are stupid if you think he deserves to keep his job. What if he keeps it, drives drunk again and kills someone. Who will have egg on their face then? If a player got a DUI would he still be allowed to play? I think not. The Snake needs to save the University some face and resign.
# posted by Blogger Bourbon Boy : 5:33 PM   I don't agree with it because he was arrested on that because he wouldn't take a breathalyzer. From everything that my friends down there are telling me, Stabler was not drunk.

Until he's found guilty of it, I say don't fire him. And I don't really think that makes me stupid.

If you remember, John Parker Wilson got a DUI before he was even 21, but he's still playing football.
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