Wednesday, May 28, 2008  
All the colors in it....
Days 'til Kickoff: 94

Well, I'll go ahead and tell you. I'm a fanatic. Always have been. And once my daughter was able to tell me that her favorite color was red and her favorite animal is an elephant...well, that helped me realize exactly what tattoo I wanted to get.

So, I went last night and had that done. I've wanted an elephant for a long time, and I really liked how this one was drawn out. I've had the design since last September. I'm pretty sure nobody's going to question my fanhood anymore. Haha.

Michael Hicks, a new writer for, has posted his ranking of the SEC Coaches. It starts out ok, with Richt and Meyer, and then he loses all credibility by placing Les Miles at #3. Regardless of the rest of it, anybody that has Miles that high in their rankings is an idiot.

A big topic at the SEC Meetings in Destin was Nick Saban's use of video-conferencing. Some coaches called it "ahead of the curve" and others called it "silly." Regardless, it's just another reason why Saban's the best at what he does. Read more here.

The Alabama coaches were in a pretty good mood yesterday when they arrived in Destin, according to Cecil Hurt. Even Gottfried was cheerful, though the latest rumors (even according to his agent) say that this will be his last year in Tuscaloosa.

Ian, and several other reporters, talked to coach Saban about numerous things, including Rolando McClain's motorcycle accident, videoconferencing, and more. Read up here.

Finebaum's article yesterday shed some light on something that not many people have been talking about - motivation. Saban is a big fan of a guy named Kevin Elko, who basically teaches people how to win. That's something this team has needed for 5 years now. They were coached to be losers. What's the saying that Herm Edwards always shouted? Oh yeah - "You play to WIN the game." This guy should help us do that. Read more here.

I was excited at first when I read that projected 3 Alabama players going in the NFL draft next season - until I realized one of them was John Parker Wilson. Anybody that thinks this kid will get drafted has got to be smoking something pretty good. Now, that doesn't mean I don't think he can be successful here at the Capstone, but the kid's 6-foot nothin' and weighs 215 lbs soaking wet. He's little, dude.

We have now suffered the first two academic casualties of the class, as mentioned by our boys over at Brandon Lewis and Kerry Murphy will both be attending Hargrave Military Academy to try and get their grades up to par. How Murphy didn't qualify after already spending a year there is beyond me. I think we can go ahead and write him off for the future. I couldn't imagine Saban giving him another chance. So, with those two gone, the class is down to 27, and with Melvin Ray and Destin Hood still likely opting to go towards Major League Baseball, that will cut the class to the allotted 25 spots. So, there won't be any greyshirts. Hallelujah.

COACH STALLINGS: game #19 - Tennessee 19 @ Alabama 24 - Birmingham, AL - 10/19/91

This game was a little bit crazy. Dating back to the game in 1990, the Tide and Vols had played 7 touchdown-less quarters before going crazy in the 4th quarter of this game. The Vols led 6-3 before Siran Stacy scored from the one-yard line, giving Bama the lead. The Tide went on to win a thrilling game, 24-19 - the 6th in a row against the Vols, and the 5th straight in 1991 after the loss to Florida.

Overall Stallings record: 13-6

Comments: that your calf?? i'm adding this tattoo to the list of reasons i really hope bama football get a lot better real soon.
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# posted by Blogger Suzie : 12:09 AM   Are you going to use that against your dad to show him that you're a more hardcore fan than him.
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