Monday, April 14, 2008  
Here's the first recap without actually going back and watching the rest of the game. We stayed until halftime, and then watched the 3rd quarter over on the strip, then, during the 4th quarter, ate some chicken wings and drank some beer.

I have the game on my dvr, so I plan to go back tonight and watch the remainder. I will say this - my arms and face are toasted. I am sooooome kinda sunburned. I mean REALLY sunburned. But it's cool. I just picked a bad spot to go sit. Haha.

I liked how there were probably about 100 incoming and upcoming recruits at the game. Star Jackson was the player in charge of the air horn, which controlled when players would switch drills. I found that pretty interesting. I didn't see who did it last year, but I feel like it was a bit telling - this is going to be his football team. He'll be the leader, so I think the coaches were trying to get him ready for it.

The play-calling was interesting. 5 of the first 6 plays of the game were passes, which, to me, only shows that we need some serious help at the quarterback position - not that we're going to be more pass oriented, which is what I heard a lot of people talking about, including people in the media. There's not a whole lot to take out of the play-calling other than we ran the exact same offense from last season.

I think Coach Saban hid quite a bit of stuff. For example, Corey Smith didn't punt the entire ballgame. He also only attempted one extra point. I have a feeling that he'll be the punter once fall rolls around. You've got to remember, there's a reason why his practices are closed. He wouldn't be so willing to show off everything they've been working towards on a live broadcast with all of your available players. Don't give Clemson any idea of what they're getting into.

Darius Hanks reminded me of Freddie Milons. That kid is going to be ridiculous good. I hadn't even thought about him since he got very little playing time last season. Another kid that's going to be a stud is Marquis Maze. Even without the football, he looked like a star in the making. There's a reason why Michigan wanted him so badly last year.

Anyway, the biggest thing I took from the game is that we don't have a single person at the quarterback position that can control the game in the SEC. McElroy looked ok on a few throws, but he was incredibly inconsistent. Fanuzzi, who I thought would make a run towards at least taking over the #2 position, looked horrible. I was surprised by that. Darrah looked like he would make a great D-II quarterback, but that's about it. Good strong arm, and a lil bit of height, but lacks the playmaking ability to be an SEC quarterback.

I'm gonna go watch the game. I'll try and post more later tonight, or possibly in the morning. Either way, talk to you soon!

Comments: Were you sitting in the new endzone?? because I got fried as well. And I now because of the peeling I look like I have leprosy. Roll tide!!
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