Monday, February 18, 2008  
Yikes...long day.
Mondays are just awful.

Anyway, my apologies for the lack of updates here lately. Methodist Healthcare has finalized the purchase of the company I work for, so it's been hectic, as I'm sure you can imagine. It appears a lot has happened since I've been away the past few days...

We'll go ahead and get right into the Cheers and Jeers from the weekend that was. :-)

Cheers to Brittany Rogers. I know, you're going "who the hell is that?" Brittany is this week's SEC softball player of the week. She's had a helluva start to the season and is currently batting over .700. This is the only sport that we've been consistently good at over the past few years (aside from gymnastics) if you haven't joined the bandwagon already, then hop on board.

Jeers to Jeremy Elder for being a complete and total idiot. Elder was arrested Sunday and charged with two counts of felony robbery. He pulled a gun on two students and took their money. A total of $26. Are you serious? You get a free ride to the University of Alabama. You get a free education. You get to possibly play for a national championship team in a few years, and you blow it by pulling a gun and taking money from two college students? This is beyond stupidity. So long, Jeremy. We appreciate the extra scholarship.

Cheers to Chris Douglas-Roberts' big time play-making ability at the end of the Memphis-UAB game on Saturday night. Bartow Arena is a helluva college basketball environment, and they proved to be a difficult task for the Memphis Tigers. CDR is one of the best college players in the country, and he'll help Memphis contend for a national title this year.

Jeers to the unruly fans that stormed the court after Memphis beat UAB. Throwing whiskey bottles, cups, and anything else that they could find (it's been reported they even threw cups of urine at the Tiger players), along with pushing and taunting the players as they were trying to leave the court, was completely unacceptable, and it's giving the state of Alabama an even worse name than we already had. It's a shame that this has taken away from what was an incredible game Saturday night. Mike Davis is turning the corner with that team. They'll be Memphis' only competition in the coming years.

Cheers to Ryan Perrilloux possibly breaking the last straw in his relationship with "The Hat." Perrilloux was suspended indefinitely today, and one would assume that he's finally gone for good. Bloggers and message board gurus are stating that RP has cleaned out his locker and is officially off the team. I would imagine Jarrett Lee would be the starter next year if this were to actually happen, but we shall see. Perrilloux gives LSU a shot to be better than decent next year...but without him, I would imagine they'll be no better than 8-4 or 7-5.

Jeers to Mark Gottfried's coaching against South Carolina on Saturday night. Yes, we were in the ballgame, but a 2 point lead with 20 seconds left turns into a 2 point loss. Name me any other team in the country that would give up a 4 point play with under 20 seconds left, and then isn't even smart enough to call a time-out to try and devise some kind of play to give your kids a chance to take it to overtime. Aside from that, 18 turnovers is pathetic. Especially against South Carolina. I can understand against Tennessee or Florida. But South Carolina? Lord help me. Hendrix just doesn't even know what to say anymore, so he told reporters exactly what he was thinking - "That's the way it's been going."

Cheers to Alabama possibly representing the EA Sports best-selling game, NCAA 09, this July when it hits the stores. Click here to go vote for Big Al in the Mascot Challenge.

Jeers to Brian Cook again being a complete and total moron. All Alabama fans hate this guy at the moment - just check out for more on that - and all he does is fuel the fire even more by writing a story suggesting that Coach Saban had Jeremy Elder's arrest planned out the entire time. This guy is a real ass-clown.

Cheers to Kelly Pavlik beating Jermaine Taylor again. Even though it wasn't a knock out, it was still a convincing victory for Pavlik. I've been a big fan of Jermaine Taylor, but I just absolutely love what Pavlik is doing for boxing. He's giving us that knock-out fighter that we've been missing since Mike Tyson went lulu on us. MMA has taken over the world, but the sweet science will be around forever.

Jeers to Willie Gary, a former St. Louis Ram who is suing the New England Patriots by claiming they cheated to win their first Super Bowl, which cost him personally a total of about $150,000, which is the price of the ring, and the difference in pay between the winning and losing teams. Totally classless, and it smells of greed. You were a professional football player and you're bitching about wanting more money? Eat me.

Comments: That's Pete Holiday writing the AOL blog not that MGO asshat. I think that post is dripping with sarcasm and not meant to be taken seriously.
# posted by Blogger David : 10:04 AM   You're probably right. Going back and reading it today, I'm beginning to see what you're saying. Haha.
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 2:13 PM   MT, I've enjoyed your blog, but if you really took that article to mean the author really meant that Saban planned it all out, I am amazed that you are able to use the English language.
# posted by Blogger ty webb : 6:01 PM   Post a Comment

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