Tuesday, January 15, 2008  
There ya go.
I went bowling with my friend Huey and his fiance last night. I bowled a 51 on the first game, then a 122, then a 155. If I had bowled more, maybe I would have gotten that 200 I've been looking for forever. Haha.

Seriously, it had been at least 2 years, maybe 3, since I've been bowling. I actually really enjoy it for some reason. Just seems relaxing or something.

I guess we'll go ahead and attack the biggest news of the day.

As everybody has heard, Major Applewhite is expected to interview with the Texas Longhorns today. The rumor is that he would take over coaching the running backs and would be given the title of Associate Head Coach. Whoopity Do.

I personally feel that this interview has more to do with the power struggle between himself and Joe Pendry than it does his desire to return back to where he played college ball. The bottom line is that he's making $250,000 at Alabama, has 2 more years left on his contract, and also has a buyout clause of $50,000 if he were to be hired somewhere else. Now, I know Texas has some stupid money, but would they really be willing to pay $300,000 for Applewhite to be a running backs coach? I seriously doubt it.

However, if there is a chance that Greg Davis, Applewhite's mentor through his playing days and beyond, may soon retire (which I doubt), then I can understand where this is coming from. Other than that, he must really hate having to work with Joe Pendry. I suppose that part of me could understand that, but I think that Coach Saban has Applewhite's best interest in mind. Older experience mixed with some fresh ideas and new blood. In theory, it should work. Obviously, this season, the offense didn't look as explosive as one would expect, but I think that had more to do with a makeshift offensive line, a new coaching staff, the lack of a power running game, and a not-so-talented quarterback.

The American-Statesman is quoting an unnamed source as saying that Applewhite to Texas "is a done deal." Now, what I'm not exactly sure about is the statement following that one. "They wouldn't have contacted him if they weren't close to hiring him." Does that make any sense at all? Yeah, I didn't think so either. How could they be close to hiring him if they haven't even contacted him? An agent can only do so much, and I don't think an agent would be behind him wanting to go back to his alma mater.

Alas, we'll just have to wait and see what happens. Ian Rapoport is reporting that Applewhite is flying to Texas today to meet with school officials about the position, but that's about all we know.

I like how Damion Square, a Tide commit from Houston, put it. "I would've loved to have Applewhite. If he wants to win championships, and I know Applewhite does, then he'll stay. You don't win no championships at UT, man. You win championships at UA. But he's got to do what he's got to do."

Aside from all that mess, we've got a bit of good news. Antoine Caldwell is returning for his senior season. That's a breath of fresh air because he looks to be a key cog in the offensive line next year.

Alabama has commitments from 9 of the Press Register's Elite 18 from the state of Alabama, with 6 others still thinking about the Tide. Read more here.

Comments: That is a funny quote from Damion Square "You don't win no championships at UT." Yeah, like in 2005, they didn't win any championships?
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