Tuesday, January 08, 2008  
Jeeez. Whatta game.
Yeah, right.

The talent discrepancy between LSU and Ohio State was stupid. Of course LSU won, 38-24, and it should have been muuuuuuch worse than that, but LSU played dumb as dirt. They played horribly all season, so why stop now, y'know?

Seriously, that is one of the worst coached football teams I've ever seen, and it's not even close. The moron on Fox who kept saying that LSU will be at the top of the SEC for a long time apparently didn't realize that they were losing like 17 starters, and 20+ contributers on the team. Yes, there's talent, but it's unproven. And I seriously doubt the talent that's been coming in is as good as the talent going out. Where are the upcoming linemen? Where are the linebackers?

Les Miles will drive that program into the ground, so I guess it's good for him that he got a national title while he could. This is just about the only season that he would have been able to get one, because, once again, he lost two ballgames against weaker competition, which he should have won. Name any other season where you can lose two regular season games, that should have been won in regulation, and still get to the national championship game. That's right. You can't.

I know I'm working on some pretty harsh criticism here, but I can't help it if it's all fact. There's absolutely no reason why this team should have lost 6 ballgames over the past three seasons. None. Zilch. But, I suppose it is what it is. Winning on pure talent alone won't work in the near future. I can guarantee that. But, it did work last night, and LSU has another trophy, and is the first team to win 2 BCS titles. Pretty incredible, considering the Oklahomas and USCs and Ohio States of the world.

At the end of the game, they gave the tight ends coach and the defensive coordinator the "Gatorade showers." I didn't really see any of the players hugging Les Miles, etc. Is that a sign of anything?

I'm sure others caught it, but the best part of last night was watching JaMarcus Russell and Troy Smith being interviewed during halftime, and seeing Russell's "Bama Boy" necklace. Represent for Coach Saban, my friend. Haha.

Aside from that, Bama basketball really gets kicked off tonight, with an 8pm tip on ESPN against Florida, who is 13-2, but lost the only two games against decent competition - Florida State and Ohio State. Florida has five brand new starters who haven't gotten a lot of experience in the SEC, so that could work in our favor. Read more about it here.

Rumors have been circling about the Ravens possibly going after Sylvester Croom as their next head coach. I'll believe it when I see it, but you never know. Ozzie's an Alabama guy, and he'd want some of that kinda blood in there. Imagine, two of Bear's boys running an NFL franchise. Sucks that I'm a Steelers fan.

If you needed any more proof that Dennis Dodd is an idiot, just check out his latest article, where he claims that Les Miles built the football team that won the title last night. Now, why on earth would anyone think that Miles built that team? How many seniors were starting? How many of those starters were recruited by Miles? Of the big plays that were made last night (interceptions, sacks, fumbles, etc), how many were made by players that Miles recruited? Yeah. That's right.

Joe Gibbs resigned as coach of the Redskins today after one of the most difficult coaching jobs anyone could have ever been put under. He's a class act and I'm going to miss watching him coach in the NFL. Read more here.

Comments: Amazing. Les Miles totally outcoached Jim Tressel, dominated the entire game except for the first 8 minutes, has only 4 penalties (one of them taken on purpose), 1 turnover, and you think LSU is poorly coached?

Let me suggest something - go back and watch the 2004 Sugar Bowl (where a certain Saban was coaching LSU) and you will see a team that plays far less disciplined than the one you saw last night.

And here's a stat for you. Les Miles in three bowl games at LSU, has scored 40, 41, and 38. Saban, even when he had "Saban's talent" didn't score that much.

Get used to having the third best coach in the SEC West, Tider. Have a great offseason and enjoy that Independence Bowl championship - us Tigers have got a national championship to celebrate....
# posted by Blogger Pelican State Sports : 12:25 PM   LSU got lucky last night. Ohio State handed them that game. A team cannot expect to win if they turn the ball over 3 times and give the other team 60 yards in personal foul penalties. Ohio State was a little too fired up for this game and wasn't focused. No one can say the speed of the SEC dominated over the Big 10. Well's 65 yard TD, he outran everyone.

LSU won't repeat with all the talent they are losing especially Hester. They are going to be hard pressed to have someone fill his shoes. And LSU is losing their defensive coordinator. They can enjoy their win now and I hope they can savor it for the next few years as they slowly decline.
# posted by Blogger The nigga : 2:44 PM   Pelican, even you were discussing how bad this team was coached in the middle of the season.

There's a difference between being out-coached and out-talented. Ohio State didn't even come close to having the caliber of athletes that LSU had. You'll see soon enough. We've seen it for years. When Alabama has lined up against LSU for the past 4 or 5 years, it's like watching a high school team take on an NFL squad.

There's no reason on God's green earth why LSU should have lost two ballgames this year. You guys had more talent than any team in the country, and still got beat by Kentucky and Arkansas, and nearly by Alabama, Auburn, and Florida.

This is not a Nick Saban discussion. This is a discussion about how poor of a coach Les Miles really is, not in comparison to Saban, but just all through the season.

Come on back next year around this time and we'll see how well your Tigers are doing. I don't forsee many more national titles in the near future.
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 2:23 PM   I questioned him before a Les-Miles-coached team won the SEC championship game - with Perrilloux at qb, who was Miles recruited and Miles-coached. That's a significant contribution.

And then a Les-Miles-Coached team won the national title game. Yeah, they are senior laden, but did you see Richard Dickson catch those two td's? He's a Miles recruit. Brandon Lafell, who caught another td? Miles recruit. Ricky-Jean Francois, the Defensive MVP is a Miles recruit. Harry Coleman, the guy who came in and played well in place of Craig Steltz, is a Miles recruit.

And a lot of those seniors came back for their senior year to play for Miles when they could have made lots of money in the pros - notably Glen Dorsey.

And the only reason that I compared him to Saban is because we would both agree that he is a very good coach. But if you look at what he did with his players at LSU, I don't think it was any better.

I don't know what he would have to do to convince you that he is a pretty good coach. Maybe a nut at times, yes, but still a good coach.
# posted by Blogger Pelican State Sports : 10:23 AM   All he's gotta do is win a title with his own players. Have a season when they're not the most penalized team in the league. Don't lose two ballgames to lesser opponents when you have obviously more talent than them. Don't lose a game at home where, supposedly, everything was on the line.

We'll see what happens when it's all his players. :-)
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 10:35 AM   Ricky-Jean Francois? He had a pulled cerebrum for the first 12 games of the season that kept him out.
# posted by Blogger The nigga : 11:05 AM   Post a Comment

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