Monday, January 28, 2008  
I hate Mondays.
In all seriousness, yes, I do hate Mondays. But at least the weekend was good and packed. I almost need a weekend from my weekend.

Went to see the Foo Fighters on Friday night. This picture should sum it up.

The show was AWESOME. It was, honestly, the best arena show I have ever seen. I've seen a lot of bands. Aerosmith. KISS. Sammy Hagar. Brooks and Dunn. Nickelback. It was just awesome. He made you feel like you were in a 500 person club watching a REAL rock n roll band. Long hair, facial hair, black t-shirt, jeans, guitar solos, screaming into the mic, beer. It was a GREAT show. Seriously, if you get a chance to check it out, do. I may be flying to Philadelphia to check it out again with my buddy from Penn State.

Aside from that, I watched the Bama basketball team drop the woodshed on Auburn on Saturday, then drove to Jackson, TN to play a headlining gig at a club called Main Street Live. Best venue I've ever played. Not the biggest, but it was perfect size. Holds about 250 people, but has a nice PA system, good lighting rig, and a big ass stage. It was great. Only about 90 people paid, but that was plenty for me. I enjoyed myself. Again, if you haven't heard the band, head on over to to check it out.

Alabama moved to the front of DE Glenn Harbin's list over the weekend, and speculation is that he may be finished taking visits. Alabama offers what he's looking for academically, and he fits a need that we have on the football team. He would be a BIG pickup for us.

The message boards at are saying that McElwain, from Fresno State, is now in Tuscaloosa meeting with Coach Saban. McElwain would be the perfect fit. Saban doesn't want an "offensive coordinator." He wants a QBs coach that has experience calling plays. Regardless of who they bring in, they're going to run Saban's offense. He knows you have to run the football, but you have to be explosive as well. Basically, he needs somebody that will be a part of the "team." The offense-by-committee thing isn't going away anytime soon, so I wouldn't look for us to run a lot of stuff that Fresno ran. I would look for more balance and probably better playcalling.

The basketball team played with a lot more fire on Saturday, but they still didn't overly dominate. They won big because they hit the 3 ball. You can't live and die by the 3, because this team doesn't have good enough shooters to do that. You'll get lucky and have a game like that every now and then (where we hit 12 of 25), but not a lot of the time. Regardless, here's hoping the hot streak will continue through tomorrow night when Tennessee comes to town for a Tuesday night matchup at Coleman. Hopefully the fan base will be rejuvenated for it.

Comments: I read your blog everyday and I must say lately I have been losing some respect for you. First you thought the "I Am Legend" was a good movie. Then you just admited to having seen Nickleback in concert. Come on man.
# posted by Blogger Bourbon Boy : 12:24 PM   To be completely honest, I've been on tour with Nickelback. Back when their first album, The State, came out (which was in 2000, I believe) we conducted some interviews with them and helped film footage for a dvd that never came out. I had just gotten out of high school.

And I thought I Am Legend was pretty good. Haha. Not the best movie ever, but I thought the acting was good. The Fresh Prince surprised me. :-)

What do you think about the Foo Fighters?
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 10:30 AM   Post a Comment

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