Friday, January 11, 2008  
Happy Birthday to me!
I'm a whopping 25, or "quarter of a century," years old today. Talk about nothin special. I'm at the usual. I'm usual. I'm going to be here 'til usual. It's cool, I guess. I haven't really done anything for my birthday since I turned 21. Normally go out, have a few beers or something dumb like that, and then go home with my better half. Tonight, Leslie and I are going to dinner, then maybe to a movie or bowling or something. I feel a little old. Haha.

If you haven't seen "I am Legend" yet, go check it out. We watched it last night and it was amazingly good. Will Smith is a great actor. Even as the Fresh Prince. Haha.

Tennessee has a new offensive coordinator, according to Sports Illustrated. Rather than hiring the guys from Michigan, they decided to go with a more wide-open attack overseen by Coach Dave Clawson, former head coach of the Richmond Spiders. I find this move incredibly odd, because Fulmer likes to have coaches that follow his coaching mentality, which is three yards and a cloud of dust, and then throw it once every now and then. Clawson uses a spread attack, which is a lot of points all the time. Very strange move.

Kevin Steele's meeting with Joe Gottfried, from South Alabama, was mainly in an advisory role. Steele has a lot of friends at South Alabama and Gottfried asked for his help in the search, which basically means that Steele is not a candidate for the USA job. has a list of who is, or might be, leaving early for the NFL draft. Notice that, out of all of those names, they don't have Antoine Caldwell even mentioned on the page. I think that means he should stay in school. Right? is reporting that Robert Lester has canceled his visit to Florida State. I think that's definitely a good thing for us.

The schedule next year doesn't look very easy at all. As a matter of fact, here are the games we have against top 25 teams for next season, not in order.

  • at Georgia (#1 ESPN, #1 AJC)
  • at LSU (#8 ESPN, #7 AJC)
  • neutral vs Clemson (#9 ESPN, #10 AJC)
  • home vs Auburn (#16 ESPN, #12 AJC)
  • at Tennessee (NR ESPN, #17 AJC)

    Five-star commit Burton Scott is taking his visits to Auburn, Florida, and Miami "just for fun." I guess I can understand that, but I don't think the schools are just letting him come in "for fun." Read more here.

    The coaching staff is starting to spread the word among recruits that there are only a few more slots available on this year's class. With a big weekend coming up, it's nice to know that they're having to think harder about going ahead and committing. My faves - Julio Jones, Alonzo Lawrence, and TJ Bryant.

    Bobby Williams was in Tuscaloosa yesterday interviewing for the vacancy left open by Ron Middleton. Yes, it's the same Bobby Williams that replaced Saban at Michigan State, and the same one that followed him to the Miami Dolphins, etc. He's a good recruiter and a good teacher, so I'd definitely like to have him on the staff.

    Comments: Happy Birthday!!!!!
    # posted by Blogger ImaBamafan : 10:48 AM   yeah man, hope you had a great birthday. It's all downhill from 25, sorry to say....:)
    # posted by Blogger Pelican State Sports : 10:46 AM   Yeah, that's what I've heard. Haha. The birthday was great though.
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