Thursday, January 17, 2008  
Fire up the plane trackers...
Just kidding. Any plane tracking will only lead you to potential recruits right now.

If you've never seen Will Hoge, then you REALLY need to. This guy IS ROCK n ROLL. Period. He's a great songwriter and an amazing singer. Go check him out at Seriously. Go. Now.

The Bama basketball team absolutely sucks. I don't know how else to put it. The team dropped their game at Georgia - an undermanned Georgia - last night, 61-54. And it wasn't even really that close. UGA led by double digits for almost the entire game. Our point guard play is atrocious. If you go back and watch the last two minutes, Torrance is an freaking idiot with the basketball. We have turnovers in the absolute most critical possessions. We don't block out on rebounds. We can't play rebounds. We just wait for something good to happen, rather than doing what we're supposed to, which is to MAKE something good happen. Pickett is just not a point guard. If they'll just leave it up to Hollinger, I think some good things will happen. Torrance is too sporadic.

If you wanna read about the Tide's 3rd loss in a row, and their 4th in 5 games, then read here and here. It's depressing to see. Once again, we relied on the 3 point shot, hitting only 3 of 20, and, even worse than that, we were, again, 7 of 14, or 50%, from the free throw line. Alabama is usually at the top of the SEC in shooting free throws. What the hell is happening?!?!

It's official - Major Applewhite has gone back to Texas. Still doesn't make sense to me, but, as I said before, I would assume that Davis is getting close to retirement. Hence why they're paying $250,000 to a running backs coach. But, alas, congrats to him and his family. Now it's time for us to start looking.

So, the list that's out right now features the following names:

Jeff Brohm (OC at Louisville)
Norm Chow (fired OC at Tennessee Titans)
Tom Clements (QB coach at Green Bay)
Gary Crowton (OC at LSU)
Adam Case (QB coach at Detroit Lions)
Bryan Harsin (OC at Boise State)
Chris Hatcher (HC at Georgia Southern)
Chip Kelly (OC at Oregon)
Freddie Kitchens (TE coach at Arizona Cardinals)
Gus Malzahn (QB/OC at Tulsa)
Joe Pendry (currently on staff)
Jeff Rutledge (QB coach at Arizona Cards)
Steve Sarkisian (QB coach at USC)
Dabo Swinney (WR coach at Clemson)

Personally, I think I like the idea of Dabo Swinney. They don't run "the spread" at Clemson, but they do pass the ball well, and they run consistently. Not to mention the fact that he's an Alabama guy. Not sure if Saban wants to go that route.

So, tell me. Who do you think should be the next OC at Alabama?

Comments: I work with a guy that knows Dao personally. We actually were talking about Major today and the turnover on Saban's staff becasuse of the way he treats people. He said Saban offered him last year as WR(i think thst was the position he told me) and he turned it down. I don't think he wants to work for Saban.
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