Monday, December 10, 2007's Mondey.
You know the drill. No sleep all weekend means I'm feelin it this morning. Had a show here in town on Saturday night, which was a lil different for us (almost nothing but kids there). It was cool though.

Regardless, I'm here today. Remember, if you're in Memphis and you need tickets to the Liberty Bowl to go watch Croom's Dawgs, or tix to the Independence Bowl to watch Saban's Tide, then stop by for their specials on Liberty Bowl and Independence Bowl tickets.

Vanderbilt's Bobby Johnson is apparently interviewing for the same position at Duke. At first, this seems like a lateral move, at best, until you look at the ACC and how down it is. If Bobby does the same thing at Duke that he's been doing at Vanderbilt, he should get to 6 wins every year easily. His biggest problem in the SEC is playing Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, Alabama, Auburn, etc, every year. It's tough to find six wins when that's your schedule. Every team could, and probably should, beat you.

As we've talked about before, Coach Saban doesn't wear his players out by preparing too much for a bowl game. The key word for Coach is "consistency," so to prepare more for a bowl opponent than for a regular season opponent...well, that wouldn't be consistent. Read more about how the players are currently taking practice easy at the moment - but not conditioning and 7-on-7s.

Andre Smith is planning on closing out this season with a bang. He's keeping his goals high, even after winning the award for best offensive lineman in the SEC this season. He understands he still has a lot to work on. Read more here.

If you wanna read an inspiring story, and one that'll make you proud to be a Tide fan, read this story on Wallace Gilberry. How he quit IHOP to be in the Alabama / Mississippi high school all-star game, and how he's come full circle now to trying out for NFL teams.

The players are helping Saban with his recruiting by hosting players on their official recruiting visits. It's funny how Saban will be out recruiting and won't start bowl practice until the official "no contact" time period in December. Anyway, read up on what the players are trying to accomplish when talking to these new recruits. They're the future of the program, and the current players understand that. Read more here

The Tide basketball team absolutely drilled Nicholls State on Saturday, 91-53, thanks to them shooting 13/20 from the 3 point line, and getting a slew of turnovers. It was a good win, and a great confidence builder for the team. Read more about the game here.

If you've not read the article from Detroit absolutely slamming Rutgers coach Greg Schaino, I suggest you do.

Apparently Alabama cheated to win their bowl game in 1991. Somebody sounds bitter that they lost. Read here.

Comments: In college footall having someone scout your opponents open practice is recommended and is no way cheating or wrong. But you have to weigh the information you gain, since if someone is letting you see some new plays, they just may want to waste your time preparing for more plays or formations they will never run.

I always thought Colorado was trying to get an early start with changing mainly for the next season and was willing to sacrifice the bowl game.

Now from this info, I see the Colorado coach was just stupid to think he could get a new offense installed in that short amount of time. Even then, Colorado did really good in a close game.

I agree with those who believe Colorado had a better chance to win with the old offense, with a few new plays and formations.

But I am eternally grateful that they did underestimate Alabama and overestimate their own abilities.
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