Wednesday, December 26, 2007  
Welcome back.
Remember the show "Welcome Back, Kotter?" Yeah, I've got that song stuck in my head, thanks to me writing that blog title. Haha. I guess that's a good song for a day back at work. Kinda sucks, because it's going to be pretty slow this week, so the days will be waaaay longer. Oh well, I guess that's just the radiology field for ya.

I'm gearing up to go see Mississippi State in the Liberty Bowl on Saturday. We're gonna tailgate in the cold, just like we did in Shreveport. Soooo, incase you're planning on going out there, gimme a shout and lemme know. We'll be there bright and early Saturday morning for a 3:30pm kickoff.

That's the weather for Saturday in Memphis. Eww.

The 'Bama basketball tame ended their trip to the Las Vegas Classic with a win and a trophy. They defeated Missouri State on Saturday night, 81-73, and then handled Iowa State rather easily on Sunday night, 83-68, to win the championship game. Coach Gottfried said it was the best they've run their offense all year, which I find humorous because I didn't think they had an offense, other than guys standing on the perimeter and nobody moving to the basket. Hmm. I couldn't watch the games, so maybe that's changed, but I doubt it.

Coach Saban talked to the media about how difficult it is to juggle family Christmas, or just holidays in general, while trying to get your football team prepared for a bowl game. It's tough, but if you're not preparing over Thanksgiving and Christmas, then that means there's something wrong with your football team, so either way it's difficult. At least the Sabans understand the situation. Read more here.

My grandfather is an ethics professor at Itawamba Community College. Several years ago, one of his favorite students was a kid by the name of Nikita Stover, who always told everyone that he was going to play football at Alabama. Of course, nobody really believed him because he didn't qualify academically to get there right out of high school, and usually those players just can't ever make the grades to get into school. However, Nikita worked his tail off and proved everyone wrong. Then, rather than being a slacker and just wasting a scholarship and not doing anything productive, he proved everyone wrong again and graduated on December 15th. He's primed to be a big-time contributor next season, during his senior year. Great great story.

The Crimson Tide football team arrived in Shreveport yesterday and had their first, and I believe only, workout under the lights at Independence Stadium. The players, according to Mr. Caldwell, are looking at this as their Super Bowl, because of everything that it can do to get the program headed in the right direction.

Javier Arenas took off the black no-contact jersey and practiced at full-speed.

Sports Illustrated has an article about how well recruiting is going, and how a lot of it isn't just because of the coaches, but because of the players as well. Recruiting is more about building relationships and making players feel comfortable with their future teammates, rather than just liking the school itself.

With the wins over the weekend, the Bama basketball team jumped from the 90s in the RPI up to #60. With George Washington and Clemson coming up for New Year's, we've got a shot to jump even higher before conference play starts. We open the season with Florida at home on January 8th.

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