Friday, December 21, 2007  
Up to #2 baby...
I bought the new Dillinger Escape Plan album last night. Very different for those guys, but it's good stuff. For anybody that enjoys...umm...I guess it's called "math-core"...then go check it out. Buy it for your mom for Christmas. :-)

Well, according to the latest Rivals rankings, we're up to #2 in the country on the recruiting rankings. We're trailing Notre Dame by a score of 2,531 to 2,437. We are leading Georgia, who comes in at #3 with 2,384 points. Of course, none of this matters because, no matter what these rankings say, the players have to not-only get in school, but also pan out. They've gotta play well over the next four years. I think they will.

Rich Rodriguez has gone ahead and let all of the Michigan coaches know that they will not be back next season. In a way this is weird, because they're preparing for a bowl game, but at the same time I would guess it's nice to have closure. Besides, he's just doing the same thing that Saban would have done at Alabama, had he been here before the bowl game.

The powerhouse that is SMU football has officially narrowed their choices for head coach down to former Miami coach Larry Coker, and former Texas A&M coach Dennis Franchione. Sounds like a real winner there, right? Read more here.

Trooper Taylor, regarded as Tennessee's best recruiter, left to join the staff at Oklahoma State as co-offensive coordinator because Phil Fulmer didn't appear that he was anywhere near a decision on who was going to be the next offensive coordinator. Oklahoma State needed an answer, and were offering a pay raise and a chance to call plays - and Tennessee didn't rise to the occasion and even attempt to keep a guy that has held together their recruiting class. It appears that this coaching staff knows that Fulmer is as good as gone without Cutcliffe, so they're getting out while the gettin's good.

With all the support for Doc Holliday and Terry Bowden in the search for West Virginia's next head coach, a surprise serious candidate is former offensive line coach Rick Trickett, who left after last season to join Florida State's coaching staff. Trickett has the support of both Joe Manchin, the governor of West Virginia, and the AD, Ed Pastilong.

UCLA, who was thought to be targeting Rick Neuheisel as their new head coach, has apparently been in contact with Oregon's Mike Bellotti, and he has shown interest back. Very strange series of events. Read more here.

The rumors about Greg McElroy transferring to Hawaii. Yeah, complete crap. Greg said he's here to stay.

Javier Arenas, who we thought was probably out until at least the spring with a high ankle sprain, was running almost full speed at practice yesterday, doing both returning and playing the secondary. "I think I'll be ready to do it all if I'm needed, but if guys are out there doing the job, there's no reason to take a major risk. Just however it goes, however it flows, you've got to go with it."

The offense has started over from the very basics. Practices haven't seemed like mid-season, but more like the nasty spring and August camps where the coaches are doing everything to push the kids to get the fundamentals right. Start from the beginning, right? Read more here.

Three North Carolina football players were kidnapped and sexually assaulted - by women. Seriously. Read here.

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