Wednesday, November 28, 2007  
Wednesday mornings....whew
Yeah, I'll tell ya what. Went to see HELLYEAH last night, and those guys put on a helluva show. Lots of beer, and a good time too. Don't really dig the singer's voice...but it is what it is. Stayed out waaaaay too late.

The basketball team is rockin and rollin tonight in College Station, TX for tonight's matchup against #9 Texas A&M. If you've got ESPNU, then you get to watch it. Everyone else, we've gotta tune in on the radio or online. Check out to find a list of online stations that might be carrying the game.

Latest rumors are that 2 players have been kicked off the team, and more will likely follow suit. As far as the bowl game goes, the Music City has said that they would prefer to have a 7-win team over a 6-win team, so I would have to believe Alabama will not be headed there. So it comes down to a trip to Memphis for the Liberty Bowl - for the 25th anniversary of Bear's last game, a victory over Illinois in Memphis - or a return trip from last season to Shreveport to play Colorado or Oklahoma State. Thanks to the drive, I probably won't be going back to Shreveport, but I will go to the Liberty Bowl. I can guarantee that.

Ok, so I guess we'll continue on with what we were talking about yesterday. Time to move forward to the future, so we'll look at Saban's recruiting class from this year and last year and see what we have to work with.


Kareem Jackson - 5'10" 184lbs 4-star recruit from Virginia. He runs a 4.5, but seems much quicker. Makes incredibly good reads, and plays in position perfectly. He wasn't under the previous regime, so he didn't have time to continue bad habits before the coaches fixed them.

Robby Green - 6'0" 175lbs 4-star from John T. Curtis in New Orleans. He's a helluva player, and even though he hasn't committed, he has said that he really likes Alabama. We need some corners pretty badly, so he would definitely be a good addition.

Robby Green - 6'1" 175lbs 4-star from Tallahassee, FL. Runs a 4.4. Same deal as Robby Green - hasn't committed, but we could sure use him.


Mark Barron - 6'2" 202lbs 4-star recruit from Mobile. He runs a 4.5, but seems faster in game situations. If he starts in Marcus Carter's spot next year, he'll be our best athlete on the defense at any given moment. Period.

Robert Lester - 6'2" 205lbs 3-star from Foley. Probably only really got looks because he's best friends with Julio Jones, but at the same time, the kid can flat out play. He's quick and makes good decisions. If you saw him against Daphne on the ESPN game earlier this year, you can see he's a playmaker. Hits hard and is aggressive.

Terrance Farmer - 6'1" 190lbs 4-star from Houston, TX. Runs a 4.4. Should be a helluva playmaker.


Rolando McClain - 6'4" 240lbs 4-star recruit from Decatur. If you watched him play at all this year then you understand exactly how good he really is. He'll be the next great linebacker at Alabama, along with Demeco, Cornelius, Derrick, etc.

Don'ta Hightower - 6'3" 248lbs 4-star from Lewisberg, TN. He's not only a helluva player, but he is just as worried about his academics as he is football. He runs a 4.7 40, and is a "seek-and-destroy" type player. He finds the football and attacks. Could be a 4-year starter.

Chavis Williams - 6'5" 220lbs 3-star from Dora, AL. Runs a 4.6. Was a DE in high school, but should be able to play that wonderful "Jack" position.

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