Friday, November 02, 2007  
We only got one day!
Days 'til we get what we've been waiting for: 1

Went to check out a band called He is Legend last night at the Dregs. Good stuff. You should check it out.

Today is the last day for blogging with the enemy. Myself and our friend Faimon, from Pelican State Sports, have made some predictions on the game. If you'd like to see my best case scenario, worst case scenario, and prediction - head on over to his page.

Best Case Scenario: LSU is able to run the ball at will, with four different backs - Hester, Holliday, Scott, and Keiland Williams. I would also like to see the Tigers use lots of different formations, from the I to the pistol. Matt Flynn only throws 13-17 passes. LSU gets up a bit early and forces the Bama O to be one-dimensional. From there, Pelini is able to exploit Applewhite's inexperience, and the defense makes a few big plays. LSU wins going away, 31-14.

Worst Case Scenario: LSU's offensive struggles continue, and the defense gets exposed in the same way that UF, Kentucky and Auburn did. Bama is balanced on offense, having long drives that end in touchdowns (LSU is last in the conference in red zone D, I believe). If Alabama gets ahead early, forcing LSU to come from behind again, I am not sure they can do it. SEC and MNC dreams go down the drain. Plus a whole year of Bama fans gloating about how their coach is so great.

Prediction: I do think LSU will win this game. They are healthier than at any point since the Virginia Tech game (exception: Dorsey, of course), and despite the absence of Ryan Perrilloux should not impede the offense too much. The defense needs to play better, but they have been hearing that for 2 weeks, so I don't expect motivation to be a problem. Bama undoubtedly has saved some special tricks for LSU, but I am sure that LSU haas some, too. I expect both offenses to be a bit tight, and so this will be a low-scoring affair: LSU 24-16.

Saban still casts a very large shadow over Les Miles and the LSU program, and while it's not fair, it will continue until next year when Les gets a chance to prove he can win without Saban's players. Read more here.

Mark Edwards is picking Alabama. He heard a call-in show where a guy predicted that Alabama would win because of heart and because it's at home - that it had nothing to do with Nick Saban vs Les Miles or any of that. When reminded that Bama hadn't beaten LSU in BDS since '99, they asked what was different between now and the last few times. He responded with "Saban."

Coach Saban is making an immediate impact in Tuscaloosa, like you didn't know that already. Read more here.

The Sports Network thinks that Coach Saban can keep it close for 'Bama, but that LSU just has too much talent. They see it 24-23 LSU.

Everyone is talking about how the key matchup of the day will be Bama's offensive line against LSU's defensive line. Well, I beg to differ. I think it will be Bama's defensive line against LSU's offensive line. Defense wins championships, mainly because if the other teams can't score, then they can't win. I'm not the only one who thinks this. Read more here.

A lot of the players for the Tide didn't even realize that this game is for the SEC West lead - just ask Andre Smith or John Parker Wilson. This is the next game on the schedule, which makes it the most important game, until next week. Read more.

The suspensions for the players will continue through this week, and it could be as bad as a 4 game suspension, which would bring them back in time for the Auburn game. Sucks, because we could really use some depth on the offensive line against a stout LSU defense.

There's a HUGE difference between hatred and respect. Saban's former players at LSU respect him, but the fans just hate him. Read interviews with the players.

Comments: He is Legend is ok, when they 1st came out they were awesome but there latest album blows, but to each his own.
# posted by Blogger Josh : 12:00 PM   yeah, not a fan of the new album as much as the first. not sure what happened to them.
# posted by Blogger Memphis Tider : 7:03 PM   Post a Comment

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